August 20, 1990

Changing your template

When you change your template, you do NOT loose your previous posts or pics. You will, however, lose any customizations you may have made (adding a guest map to the side bar, for example.) So if you do change your template, do keep a backup copy of your code so you don't spend hours re-customizing it.

You can use the regular templates supplied by blogger, or you can try something new and different. Blogger Templates has a couple fun designs.

To find out how to change your template, follow this link.

If your images are making your side bar disappear, you may consider a new template. However, the simplest solution may be to post smaller imager or by choosing the option "small" on your image upload menu if your images are posted through the post editor tool. If you use Picasa to upload your pictures, you can make them smaller by modifying them IN THE POST after they were uploaded into the blog...

The Beaver

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