August 13, 2006

Some news of what is going on in good ol' Aceh

Just sharing with you guys the local news. Do know that in Meulaboh, where I am now working, this is a bit less strict than in Banda Aceh.

Nevertheless, my word to you is: don't come here unless you really have to.

Picture take from the local news agency : this is what a Canning is.

Source: Rakyat Aceh, Monday 7 August 2006
Rayket Aceh is a local Banda Aceh newspaper.

Raid to a house occupied by NGO

  • Suspected of being used as place to do alcohol party.

Banda Aceh, it is suspected that some houses or even offices that are occupied by foreigners from different NGOs in Banda Aceh have become places to hold alcohol parties during the evening.

Not just that, the houses that are occupied by NGOs are also suspected of being places to conduct adultery/immorality.

The assumption of immoral action conducted in the houses that occupied by NGOs was expressed in the meeting of several students from Student Executive Board Faculty (BEM) Syiah Kuala University – the Chairman was Head of Banda Aceh Legislature, Muntasir Hamid and other members, Saturday (5/8).

Chairman Muntasir Hamid mentioned, to the Rakyat Aceh, Sunday (6/8) this assumption was based on information that was received by students from the communities that was addressed to the council office.

Muntasir said, if houses that were occupied by some NGOs are truly become the places for alcohol parties – it should not be allowed to happen as it will contaminate the capital of Verandah of Meccah. Muntasir also asks the ‘law upholders’ to investigate and if necessary take some action against them.

“We did not want the Veranda of Mecca to be contaminated by the presence of NGOs in Banda Aceh as this territory is under the enforcement of Syariah Law” Muntasir said.

So he asked the related Dinas to uphold the Syariah Law and not to gives any tolerance to NGOs that conduct adultery and or beverages party. We will ask in this case, the Dinas of Syariah to do search/raid on houses that are occupied by NGOs especially during the evening. Muntasir said.

He mentioned, if matters like these do not get attention, the students would do direct investigation during the night on the houses that are occupied by NGOs to look for the truth that alcohol parties and immoral actions are really happening.

Separately, Head of Banda Aceh Syariah Natsir Ilyas said, related to the indication of immoral/adultery action he did not receive any objective evidence. However, he really appreciated the input from the students and information given from the community for any violation to Syariah Law.

”We are investigating and if eventually get a strong indication of this violation, his side will mobilize Syariah Police (Waliyatul Hisbah/WH) to put them in order” Natsir said.

Natsir added, to search/raid into houses that are occupy by NGOs, his side must coordinate with police first, Syariah police could not move alone, because we have limitations, he explained.

Natsir also recommended that village heads and Geuchiks monitor, supervise, and inform current Achenese law to those NGOs that occupied houses in their areas. Some time before, public figures in Lambheu, Aceh Besar conducted a raid into an NGO office and found that there was a party, dancing, and alcohol as well, therefore the local community dispersed the party.

Source: Aceh World, July 26 – August 1, 2006
Italian National Arrested for Adultery in Bireuen

AN Italian national (30) who works with an international humanitarian organization in Aceh was arrested by the local shari'a police for committing adultery with his translator, an Acehnese woman, who used to work as his translator. The couple was arrested in a rented house in the village of Desa Pulo Kiton, Sub­district of Kota Juang in the District of Bireuen.

The local shari'a police received an anonymous report through text messaging about the whereabout of the pair. They were arrested at around midnight. According to local residents, they have been suspicious of the couple who fre­quently were seen to be together in public and spent long hours in the rented house.

Drs M. Daud Yusuf, the Commander of the Sharia' Police in Bireuen told reporters that his agency immediatelv sent his officers to arrest the couple as soon as he received the text messaging. The Sharia Police broke down the front door and caught them red-handed. They were then taken to the local police station. Both confessed to the offense and explained that they have been romantically involved since November 2005.

The Shari'a Police also confiscated dried ganja leaves, and alcoholic drinks. The Bireuen Police Chief stated that the Italian suspect will be charged with the crime of possession of narcotics under Law No. 22/1970 on narcotics with a maximum penalty of 10 years prison time. The Italian Embassy in Jakarta has been notified about the arrest. The woman suspect will be charged with a violation of the Shari’a law for committing adultery.

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Adrianna & Will said...

Hey! You're always brimming with comforting words. Thanks! :)


Salt Water said...

Just when I thought the news could not get worse...

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Hola Marie!

Just a few words to say I'm back from China a happy to read your news... although some times are a bit :S

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I am teling all the world about the adultery-case. strudel

Beaver said...

Adrianna & Will,
You're welcome !

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There will always be something bad to remind us of the pettiness of man. However, we must hold on and keep on trying to make it better, albeit only to keep a clear conscience!

Welcome back ! I'll pop in and check your China pics over the weekend !

Besines !

Yeah, it is pretty scary. What you need to know is single people are also targetted, particularly the non-Acehnese.

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Anyway you wanted to stop drinking, didn't you?!

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