August 26, 2007


Someone told me recently that melancholy is being happy to be sad, a relished chagrin. Mayhap. Then if it is, I am not melancholic - I am merely sad, and nostalgic.

Naya left today. We promised each other to meet again, in her country or in mine, or maybe even in another one which hasn't yet been decided. Yet, I am sad,because it is rather possible I may never see her again.

Sisters in arms, that is what we were. She and I have worked in Aceh, in Burundi, twice in Haiti, now here in Palestine, and she is no longer one of the troopers who do this job. With her gone, I lost a friend, a co-worker, a confidante. I trusted her (I still do) more than anyone I worked with.

Now, I am lonely and lonesome - and uninterested in socializing for it.

I am brooding, and it is no where close to fun.

PS. Sorry I haven't updated as much as usual. Pix on Flickr to make y'all forgive me. See the link on the side bar.

The Beaver

My guest map is wonderful ! And you'd all be wonderful to post, all of you lurk mode readers!
Thanks and may the winds of Fate blow your way !


Qalamana said...

I'm sure you'll meet her again :)

Salt Water said...

If you are really sad, I could send you a video of a solder being shot in the head. It is one of those you must laugh at or cry your heart out over. I recommend finding a child you can legally hug and know you are lucky. Thirty years from now you will look back on your life and be amazed. I am old enough to say with confidence that a little loneliness comes with being a unique person. 25 years ago I had a moment of extreme loneliness on top of Buzzard Hill in Big Basin Redwood State Park. I felt bad because it was so beautiful and no one was there to share it with me. Now I live in the redwoods with my wife and dog. Continue with the Bravery that got you there. You are a Super Star!