September 28, 2007


Addendum, October 8th 2007:

So I'm home, at long last.

It has a few implications, the greatest one is limited internet access for about the next 3 months, and a drastic improvement of my stress levels and fatigue.

I am realizing I needed home. I needed real people. I needed a cell phone that rings, and my mum's cooking. I needed home.


If you are in Montreal, call me up, ring me, send me a text book message (they go to my cel), but don't email me, because I won't get it for a while.


I'm busy having a LIFE.


I realize I may be in need of a break from blogging. I've been uninspired for a while now...

So without further ado...

THIS BLOG IS TEMPORARILY SLEEPING. Send the dogs, they will wake up.

Comments do make their way to my email, so drop a line if you need to protest.

I'll be back - just don't know when.

The Beaver
My guest map is wonderful ! And you'd all be wonderful to post, all of you lurk mode readers!
Thanks and may the winds of Fate blow your way !


Kingston Girl said...

enjoy your bloghibernation... and drop me a line when spring comes around again!

Salt Water said...

I do hope your batteries recharge. I think I have read most all of Robert Service's poems. I think he saw himself as a Canadian, but the point is he had many battles with the reality of an adventurous life. It is lonely, difficult, scary and risky. But some of his best works came from when he was writing out of desperation for money. Many times he would sell poems on the street. I often tell people about my favorite: Carry On. I may have already mentioned it to you, but it still is the best inspirational I know of. Good luck my friend. I wish you well.

007 in Africa said...

Hi chica--I had to take a break when I got back to the States as well. In fact, I am posting a lot less nowadays. But oddly, though I love blogging, it felt really good to let go...For a while, of course :)