May 21, 1990

Places I've been

It dawned on me that for new readers, this blog is not an easy one to follow... So here's a little guidance...

I started blogging in September 2004 when I was in Senegal where I was an intern at a local lawfirm. In the process, I made friends with whom I still keep in touch : 007, Adeline.

I eventually went back to Montreal in April 2005, where I got my attorney license and tried to find a job (and failed.) I was nevertheless very happy to be back with my significant other and to hang out with my friends, among other JP, Mymy and Krishna. During that time, I also made my first blog friends such as Salt Water, Xolo, Victoria, Amias, Tina, Kate and Lewis (these two stopped blogging, unfortunately). This is when I truely got addicted to blogging.

At long last, in September 2005, I was hired by an international agency for a position that requires intensive travel. Since then, I have been on the road and went to, (in that order):
- Guinea
- Paris
- South Africa
- Lesotho
- Montreal
- Pakistan (where I met my friends Chris and Michelle)
- Ghana
- Sierra Leone
- Liberia
- Benin
- Paris
- Haiti (current location)

My next destinations until the end of 2006 are:
- Montreal
- Kenya
- Indonesia
- Burundi
- Baltimore
- Montreal (where I will finish the year.)

What's next? I don't know... stay tuned !!!

The Beaver

Thanks, DCver in Portugal and John Fiorenza for posting on my guest map! My guest map is wonderful ! And you'd all be wonderful to post, all of you lurk mode readers!
Thanks and may the winds of Fate blow your way !

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