September 22, 2005

100 Things about my significant other (Part 2 of 2)

As promised, on the eve of our separation, I write this post, dedicated to the love of my life.
  1. David means "loved of God". I feel it's absolutely relevant.
  2. When he was a kid, he hid behind a garbage can at recess.
  3. He often reminds me that I put someone in a garbage can at recess during our college years. It wasn't him though.
  4. When planning his appartment, his main concern was being able to host a D&D game.
  5. He claims that from now on, his vacations will be planned around my schedule.
  6. He plans on going back to school full time to accelerate the end of his studies.
  7. The main reason Dave had failed some classes is his failure turn his papers in on time.
  8. When he does turns his papers in, he actually gets good grades.
  9. He actually refuses to own an oven.
  10. He is able to call friends people that he likes, but doesn't trust.
  11. He'd be willing to take a bullet for a friend.
  12. Dave loves sleeping.
  13. He's been living on 4 hours of sleep a day for the last week.
  14. He's never had anyone else then me.
  15. He knows everything I did, good and bad, and still accepts me.
  16. He's been talking of going to teach English in Thailand for the last 3 years.
  17. Dave is the one person I know to have made a friend of his brother.
  18. He likes when I read Beaudelaire to him. Or Paulo Coelho. Or other stuff.
  19. Dave is a sleepwalker. Runs in the family, I heard.
  20. He snores very lightly when he's tired. He denies it thoroughly though.
  21. He's been spending every evening with me since we found out I'd be leaving.
  22. I've been recording the touch of him in my mind, so I can replay it once I'm gone.
  23. He's very patient with me.
  24. He keeps on forgetting stuff.
  25. Together, we are the 2 most absent-minded people of the universe.
  26. He's not ready to be a daddy. Neither am I to be a mummy.
  27. He loves cheese. His nickname should be the cheese monster.
  28. When Dave was born, his dad got worried that the baby would eat all his ice cream. He was right.
  29. Dave is going to become very fat : he lived down the corner from the best cheese shop in Montreal.
  30. He is addicted to coffee. He's the official coffee clerk at home.
  31. Dave doesn't smoke. He tried and failed miserably in Senegal.
  32. When Dave came back from Senegal to Montreal, he tried to negociate his first cab fare.
  33. I still have copies of the emails we sent to one another during our initial courtship 3 years ago. He thinks it's creepy.
  34. He said his goal was to always had the bed made in his appartment. So far, it's a failure.
  35. Recently, Dave learned to do the Demon sign at rock concerts. He looks incredibly funny when he does it.
  36. Dave's favorite TV series is Angel.
  37. His favorite character is Wesley Wyndham-Pryce.
  38. He's shown to me on countless occasions that he is usually not afraid of what he doesn't understand.
  39. He's become more practical over the last few weeks.
  40. Dave has a thing for Dungeons and Dragons. I like to say that him and his crew suffer from the DOG syndrome : Delusions of Grandeur.
  41. He, however, knows the difference between reality and fantasy.
  42. The main issue we've had recently has been about too much / not enough D&D.
  43. This issue is now self-resolved, since I'm leaving.
  44. Next time we will live together, we will hire a maid.
  45. David has lived 7 years in Paris. He retains a certain worshipfulness for the City of Light since.
  46. I do hope I get to see Paris with him one day.
  47. He is 100% french canadian. Yet, most people believe him to be French of France.
  48. He speaks French with a French accent. He speaks english with a French Canadian accent.
  49. He is sensitive to bad voices, and thus, has had trouble dealing with our former landlady.
  50. He hugs me every night, and tells me he will miss me. I will miss him too.
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Cricketina said...

awwwwwwww!!!!!! No fair making me cry!!

Leesa said...

Number 50 made me tear up at work!

cityangelz said...

oh wow!!

The two of you are so sweet!! I hope when the time comes for ME to find the love of my life it'll be just like the two of you.


Anjamon said...

Oh, honey, you're ment to be! Dave is so sweet! Only from few things we can see that you love him vary, vary much!

Blessed Be,

Mymy said...

ouahhhh! j'ai moi même hâte que vous vous revoyiez! hon ki kuuuuuuuute! Je suis certaine que David a autant de belles choses et anecdotes à ton sujet... à quand le blogue de David??

JeanPhil said...

Hahahahaha #35 is my bad !!! Maybe I'm starting to be a bad influence on him .... and I love it !!!!!