November 24, 2005

Suburbia in Durban

Suburbia in Durban2005-11-22
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This, can you beleive it, is the view for our HIV-AIDS clinic. Obviously, the owners of these houses are not very wealthy. Iniquity is defenitely a common thing in SA.

Breathtaking view, though, isn't it?

The Beaver
My guest map is wonderful ! And you'd all be wonderful to post, all of you lurk mode readers!Thanks and may the winds of Fate blow your way !


Salt Water said...

I greatly enjoyed the pictures of the area, especially the beaches, but I could not figure your comment. I used my good glasses and everything, but I could not see and problem with the disparity. I saw houses and green, two good things. Now that I write this I am starting to think you might have been thinking of the contrast between the city and the rural area. Yes? I am very tired. Motherinlaw went to the hospital last night and I got to be the good guy and take care of it. Have not been back to bed. Please feel free to clear your blog of my comments when I get wordy like this for no obvious reason, except I have, like many I'm sure, missed your frequent posts and or your spare time. Thanks, Beav.

Salt Water said...

Wow a new check. I could use this when I go to Brazil. There is a person on Mariana's site that thinks I'm just looking for illicit pleasures. As a result, I am told to "Watch my back". I assume it is meaningless, but it is a new one on me and a bit freaky. I also allow anonymous comments that must be deleted sometimes. The cool part is no one else can tell if they were unregistered. I love this new Google spell check. Have just not known it was there, or is it new? My inability to spell has always stunted my writing desire. Stay we Beav. Thanks

Salt Water said...

Hello Beav, hope all is well with you. Life is changing for me. I must return to driving the big road, which means leaving home again for two week time periods. Blogging will be forgone as a result. I have enjoyed your blog and the very idea of you. I am changing my one blog to three that need not be updated regularly. I do intend to visit your site as often as I can. I draw hope for the world from your willingness to work for its betterment. Thanks and best wishes, your friend, Salt Water Jim.