February 15, 2006

Pakistan advisory... surprisingly, I don't feel the heat!

I may not be american... but i sometimes pass for one. Passing this along to anyone who may still be in Pakistan or planning to travel to Pakistan soon....

Warden Notice No. 09/2006
February 15, 2006

We would like to make American citizens aware of the following situations that are taking place throughout Pakistan. Additional protests and demonstrations may occur throughout Pakistan without prior notice or warning. The Embassy will provide further information about
demonstrations as it is received. Again, we encourage all American citizens to remain aware of their surroundings at all times and to avoid all
demonstrations and protests.

Islamabad - Wednesday, February 15

1. At 1330 hours, people of BaraKahu City will organize a demonstration in Barakahu City (a 10 minute drive from the Embassy). It is expected that the demonstration will disrupt the traffic on the Murree Road.
2. At 1500 hours, a large group of various professionals (teachers, clerks, drivers, engineers, doctors etc.) will organize a demonstration at Kulsoom Plaza (intersection of Jinnah Avenue and 7th Avenue) to protest against the cartoons. Islamabad police have confirmed that during this demonstration, traffic on Jinnah Avenue may be diverted to other roads.
3. At 1500 hours, the students of the International University of Islamabad will hold another demonstration in the Melody Market area. Thus far, the police are not aware of whether or not the students will move out of this area. However, in view of the incidents in Lahore which took
place yesterday, additional police forces are being deployed as an added security precaution.

Islamabad - February 19 Rally (as per prior Warden Notice)

As previously mentioned, the route of this particular rally is scheduled to start from Aabpara chowk, proceed to Khayaban-i-Sohrawardy-Attaturk Avenue (west), continue to the intersection of Jinnah & Attaturk (west) Avenue and to the parade grounds. The rally is expected to start at 1300 from Aabpara and will terminate in front of Parliament House on the parade grounds.
It is expected to be a very large rally and could cause traffic hazards. Again, all Americans are encouraged to avoid the areas of this and all demonstrations and protests.

Rawalpindi - Sunday, February 19

1. At 1030 hours, students of Gordon College will organize a demonstration to protest against the cartoons.
2. At 1300 hours, the Pakistan Muslim League will organize a demonstration to protest against the cartoons.
3. At 1600 hours, journalists will organize a demonstration in front of the Rawalpindi press club to protest against the cartoons.

Karachi - Thursday, February 16

A protest against the cartoons is planned in Karachi on the 16th to begin at 1000 and last approximately 3 hours. The demonstration will begin on M.A. Jinnah Road at the Quaid-e-Azam Mausoleum and then proceed to the Tibet Center (in Saddar town). The demonstration should end approximately 3km from the US Consulate. Between 5,000-10,000 protestors are expected from several Sunni organizations.

Lahore - Wednesday, February 15

A protest is on-going in Lahore near Punjab University.

Lahore - Friday, February 17

Several religious groups are expected to protest the arrests that occurred during the February 14 strike.

Lahore - Friday, February 27

The Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal plan a large demonstration to protest the cartoons.

Lahore - Friday, March 3

Large-scale demonstrations are expected as part of a country-wide protest (mentioned in previous Warden Notice).

Peshawar - Thursday, February 16 and for the next several days.

At the time of this Warden Notice, Peshawar is experiencing demonstrations about the cartoons as well as the planned Wheel Jam strike. Some of these demonstrations have become violent and the police have had to use tear gas to disperse crowds. Due to this unrest, the Consulate in Peshawar recommends that as a precaution all Americans limit travel to Peshawar and all of NWFP for the next two days.


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