April 03, 2006


Leaving Accra:

The next morning, I woke up at 5AM to make my connecting flight to Abidjan. I was both lucky and unlucky: while I was in Ghana on the day of the eclipse, I was also unlucky because I was flying DURING the eclipse, and thus, missed the whole thing. Here is what I missed:

(Courtesy of Middle-East News)

This raises some amusing thoughts for me, as I would remember the famous eclipse that saved the Cartoon hero Tintin from being burnt at the stake.



When we got out of the airplane, the light was strange, but what tipped me off on the eclipse (sharp as I am) was that passengers and crew alike were :

1) wearing paper sunglasses;

2) snapping pictures at the sun with the paper sunglasses over the objective.

No, it wasn't a blue moon that day, but never the less, on a black sun day, things happen...

The Beaver

Thank you, Adrianna and Will in Australia, for posting on my guestmap!

My guest map is wonderful ! And you'd all be wonderful to post, all of you lurk mode readers!
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Saur♥Kraut said...

Pits! I don't read French, so I missed the joke. Still, I know the story of how an explorer (Columbus, if I recall correctly) used an eclipse to cow the natives on an island they were stranded on, and so won both the lives of his crew and a lifetime's supply of food. ;o)

Beaver said...

Saur, really, the joke is lost on anyone who hasn't read the album: it lasts about 5 pages! These guys have to wait a month to be burned at the stake and the only one to remain happy is Tintin... because he knows of the eclipse.

Tintin has been translated in pretty much every language, including Esperanto. I suggest you get a few of of these on hand (what I posted is an extract of "Tintin and the Sun temple" - grew up with it !)



juliana said...

I've heard so much about TinTin. I actually had something rather funny happen regarding the comic.

I had an ex-boyfriend from Cameroon. When he was little his father bought some comics from some traveling vendors. Accidently his father ended up buying him one in another language. And it was supposed to be a really good edition. Years later, on a trip to France, a french friend of mine gave me some to take as a souvenir. And it ended up being the same one my boyfriend had when he was little, but finally in French. He was happy, but I ended up breaking up with him a few months later. Oh well! :)

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the eclipse, or whatever little you could see!

Beaver said...

Hmmm Love Tintin. Although it's completely un-pc and propagates stereotypes.

But this naive cartoon just ravishes my heart !