April 06, 2006


The next day, I took my flight to Cotonou and landed there, exhausted and eager to get some work done.

I went in the office on Friday, only to find out that they were closing at 2! So this left me with a Saturday to rest, and a Sunday to visit the very poetic town of Ganvie :

Water and clouds (Ganvie)

It was amazing to visit the town on water, and to wave hello to all the children screaming “Yovo! Yovo!” (Apparently, that’s what whiteys are called, here.)

The ride to the town itself took about 40 minutes, on a small canoe hailed with a makeshift sail:

Fon Sail 1 (Ganvie)

When you get to the village of Ganvie, it’s like an apparition out of a dream:

Village on water 1 (Ganvie)

On and around, we weave in and out of canals. The village of Ganvie was built in the 18th century by locals that were fleeing the slave trade. Since, the population has grown to a 30,000 inhabitants. Ganvie has a primary school and a small hospital, but of better lack of a welcoming infrastructure, all older kids who wish to pursue an education need to leave. The people of Ganvie live mostly of fishing, but there has been a growth in tourism recently.

On the way back, the sun was setting and I marveled at the poetry of the scenery, as we slowly made our way back to shore:

Fon Sail 4 (Ganvie)

The Beaver

My guest map is wonderful ! And you'd all be wonderful to post, all of you lurk mode readers!
Thanks and may the winds of Fate blow your way !


Saur♥Kraut said...

Thanks for another wonderful post, Yovo! Wish I was there. Need anyone to take notes and carry the luggage? ;o)

Dinamita said...

I love the sunset pic ;)
Have a wonderful weekend!

Adrianna & Will said...

I love sunset pictures :)

Anjamon said...

Olla sweet! Here's worst friend on world... :( I'm so ashame! I'm sorry sweet!!! I wasn't on computer for morew then a moth! I didmn't felth like it! Forgive me? :(

Loved pictures hon!

P.S. I updated my blog sweet, if you still wann read it since I was really bad!!! :(:(:(:(

Kiss, Kiss!!!

Kisses and hugs
from the one and only
Anya! :3

Salt Water said...

I agree with Saur Kraut, for once I actually wish I could have been with you. Your Flickr pictures of the houses on pylons were even more exciting to me, because as you said, they are so dream like. You never mention any of the negative things. I assume you leave these out because you are a sweet, respectful, and intelligent person. But what about the bugs? With all that water there must have been nightmarish bug problems, yes? I am now on my way to the new world map I had to get to keep up with you. My big beautiful and expensive atlas is almost usless in Africa. Thanks, Oh Brave One!