July 11, 2006

Ode to patriotism (or not)

Congratulations, my Italian friends. Be gracious in your victory. Sports are only a hobby, an athletic and noble one, at that. Be happy, spread the joy, and respect your defeated adversary.

I witnessed the festivities in Little Italy on Sunday. Pictures are here. I do want to stress that the celebration, was loud but safe, and the joy, contagious.

Proud GrandPa

Let me put it this way. I am not patriotic. Nevertheless, this happy supporter made me smile. I was happy for the Azzuris, even though I am probably the most un-patriotic and biggest Fussball ignoramous.

But then there's this. Maybe it's me. Maybe it's them. But when I see this, my brain freezes. I just can't understand it.

Thank God, we were born Italian.

I've been on all continents, visited endless countries. Thank GOD they ALL exist. Thank GOD they're all different.

I am happy to come from a society where one can retain and feed their roots, leaving exentricities and differences grow into a beautiful and unique patchwork.

At the same time, superiorism will always leave me icy and worried.

Thank God, most soccer fans are more like my happy gramps and less like our arrogant youths.

The Beaver

My guest map is wonderful ! And you'd all be wonderful to post, all of you lurk mode readers!
Thanks and may the winds of Fate blow your way !


nyasha said...

loved your 'ode'. shame not everyone shares your opinion. Have you ever come across the book "Jihad vs. McWorld"? Truly worth a read.
in an age of globalism it is surely important to learn about new cultures, be respectful of their traditions and be aware that we all co-exist in the same planet. personally, i love discovering and learning and happy like you that we are all different and yet all the same: human beings :)

Qalamana said...

I do agree with you: diversity enriches us all!


Kingston Girl said...

I love watching sports, seeing happy fans at the end. But I know I could never be a die-hard supporter as I always feel too sorry for whoever loses!

Hortense LaChouette said...

It's a bit like those racist jokes some people tell, only when they can add at the end "but you know, I'm not racist, I have an Arab/Chinese/Namibian/Venusian friend/boyfriend/doctor/skyrocket driver."

They probably don't realize what they just said- and that the combination of "joke" and "justification" makes it even worse.

And by the way, they cheated! The referee was corrupted!And they made me yell "viva Italia" last Sunday so I'm pretty sure they put drugs in my glass! (but I'm half italian so I can say it, can't I?) ;o)

As for the long island, it would be cool if we could have one before you leave, flying beaver... email me!

Xolo said...

The irony is that most Italians are NOT proud of being Italian most of the time (except for those living abroad).

This has been the topic of much of my research.

giovanni.dicristofano@tin.it said...

grrrr Beaver ordered gracious comments only ..double grrrr . May I respectfully shampoo my feet with the thing you call coffee there? -The proud Italian in Italy-.

(I should have some far relatives in Providence, family name Gaeta, let me know.). Strudel

Beaver said...

Absolutely. I will look into this McWorld book. Sounds interesting. :o)

Qalamana, Thanks for the vote for diversity, querida ! Y cuidate tambien !

Kingston Girl , yeah, I'm like you. I like to cheer for the hunterhund as well, though being a sports ignoramus I sometimes have trouble figuring out who to cheer for :o) I usually blindly follow my boyfriend in his cheering...

Yeah, some people really have a "good conscience problem"...

The Azzuri fans drugged you? Sue them ! *mwa ha ha*

He he he :o) And I promise you we will enjoy a long island ice tea at Saint-Sulpice before I fly away :o) Call me up when you come back from the great outdoors!

Hmmm I didnt know that, although since I havent been to Italy yet, I really would not know. Those I meet here in MTL have a pretty good sense of pride, although Berlusconi seems to have coldened a bit the ardors. But being a big ignoramus in that matter as well, I'm hoping Giovanni (our resident Italian citizen) can answer to this more than me...

mwa ha ha *evil grin*. Grrrs are ok. And I do agree, we do have terrible coffee here. Although being french, I make my own which is quite good, as do the Italians in my neighboorhood. Bad coffee happens at Starbucks or south of the border. But in small cafes, it can be quite good. Quoi? We are latins too !!!
*did you forget that I am CANADIAN/QUEBECOISE by any chance?*
no hard feelings dude :o)

Anonymous said...
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