July 13, 2006

Today is a black day

Mourning, by Wayne Forte

I don't have too much time to post, but I found that Wikipedia's entry about the Israeli-Lebanon crisis is pretty exhaustive.

Here's the link. Great if, like me, you've been slightly disconnected from international current events. This is a controversial subject, so do visit the discussion tab on the page as well.

Wikipedia's crisis article

I'm still trying to wrap my head around this, so I will reserve my opinion for now.

The Beaver


Saur♥Kraut said...

This is all so very sad, isn't it. It never gets better, and it never will, IMHO. This is far deeper than most people realize, and far more engrained in the middle eastern people than anyone here can grasp.

Xolo said...

'Tis a very sad day.

You would think everyone involved would just get tired of the violence, the fear, and the anger.

Unfortunately, the concern lies the other way. Let's pray that the violence, the fear, and the anger does not spread too much.

Peace be with you, Beav'.

giovanni.dicristofano@tin.it said...

Beaver to Giovanni -Congratulations.
Please be gracious and watch your language. You'll notice I never cuss in my posts or show disrespect. I appreciate reciprocation in this matter.
Giovanni to Beaver- Sweetie, it was all a misunderstanding, due to my unbearable sarcastic temper. I just wanted to mock you. Ler me see what I can do to get your pardon. strudel

Salt Water said...

Wow! Great link. This could be the beginning of some serious realignment. It looks absolutely intolerable from here. Did you see the episode of Star Trek where Captain Kurk destroyed the war simulator that decided who and how many would die? He said it was time people faced the reality of war, because only then could one see why it must be avoided. Maybe the whole world needs to see how dangerous and precarious the entire human life program is. This looks much worse to me than Iraq. But maybe the big countries will see this is a danger to them and finally stabilize the mid-east. Thanks for another new window on the world found at Beaver's Antics.

Beaver said...

I think this crisis is indeed very sad and does run deep in the history of Israel/Palestine. When you think about it, it's been going on for 2 millenia, with the initial roman invasion...

However, with the now widespread globalization of information and the fact that most of our leaders have made statements about the incident, it has become a global responsibility to reduce the escalation of violence to a minimum, or at least, not encourage it.

When you think that Israel now has DA BOMB, it's a scary thought to think that they can overreact like this and not be told by the international community that this was too much.

Makes me think... what next?

Peace be with you as well. When I heard the news, I was schocked, sad and discouraged. This is enough to make me lose faith in humanity. On the other hand, there will always be Knights Of the Impossible to revive our weakening hopes.

Of course, you are forgiven. Let's give our voices to Peace and Reconciliation in these sad moments of history.

Salt Water,
I'm very pleased to see you're back! I'm happy you found this link useful.

Yeah, it looks like it could get pretty bad. Unfortunately, this also means that conservative leaders like Dubya and Harper will probably make decisions we might not agree with.

How I wish we had our own Capt. Kirk! *oh, you're a trekkie too? Bonus points for Salt Water!*

I think Iraq is still at this point more tragic than Israel/Lebanon is. Casualties are still to a minimum if you compare to Iraq (see the Wiki article on Iraq casualties).

Nevertheless, this is I would say more worrisome given that we KNOW for a FACT that Israel has WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION. (Ring a bell?)

Will keep tabs on this, I guess.

Peace and love to you all,

Share the world with all.


juliana said...

It is very sad and it's been going on for very long. I agree with salt water to an extent. Sometimes you don't know the kind of damage war can make unless you experience it yourself.

Taking a break from packing for Mali. I wish you all the best and maybe someday you'll come to Mali and we can meet up. :)

Kingston Girl said...

It is a very sad and scary situation, and one which seems to have no solution in sight.

On another note, when and where are you heading off to next?

Salt Water said...

Dearest, Beav. France is closer to the problem not further away. The problem, I fear, is not the idiots that light the match in the powder room, but the radio active cloud that might well float over France. I hope the wealthy nations will notice the complete collapse of their posh lives that could result from allowing the fighting children to destroy the house. The parents must stop the kids, if not, stay in Canada and learn to plant lots of potatoes and any other roots you like. With love and best wishes. Saltwater Jim.

P.S. There is a small possibility the United Nations could learn to kick some damn Ass, do their job, and stop this shit.