February 04, 2008

A Nights' Tale (I still got it)

I had a mind to travel to Antigua this weekend, but I had work to do, and well… I was feeling a little bit lazy. So instead, I stayed home and did a few things, though I promise myself to go this coming weekend, since it will be my last occasion to go.

On Friday night I went out to dinner with my colleagues. Our leader’s husband came to spend the weekend with her, and it was lovely to meet him – though I kind of felt like I was out to dinner with parents, seeing as everyone was twice my age.

To shake it up a little, I decided to go out for a drink at the Irish pub on the corner, and ended up chatting with a legal assistant and her friend, a business man. All this of course happens in Spanish, but it goes well, until they leave and a man starts chatting me up. Not that I mind, actually – it’s nice to have some attention once in a while. But it turns out he is an auditor for another organization, and though he wasn’t unpleasant, it was a bit blah to be (again) with auditors.

Saturday was spent working and lazing away, though I did take a long walk in the afternoon in the hopes of alleviating my ever painful back ache. My idle feet took me to a shopping mall and I ended up buying a white sweater and a black shawl, and reserving a pair of black ballerinas. I need those for Bolivia anyway – my standard packing habits don’t take into account colder climates.

Later on in the day, I opted to go out for a drink again, and ended up chatting it up with a high-ranking French official and his wife. I daresay that aside from the fact that they were charming, it was nice to speak some French. Later on that night, I decided to scout a club, just to see what was happening on the night scene, and ended up being pursued by a young man who was 10 years my junior... and a pleasant dancer. To quote one of my good friends, “You still got it, girl!”

It’s nothing truly yeehaw, but it’s nice to know I can still be pleasing to the eye.


Cricketina said...

Hi Beaver!! I was just checking in to see how you were doing. I know it's been awhile since I've been around. I'm jealous that you're in Guatemala!!!

I was thinking of picking up my blog again. I may, may not. We'll see. How's life?

Beaver said...

Wow! You're alive! You know, I kept on checking on your blog periodically to see if you'd resumed...

You've been missed, so pick up that keyboard and blog it up, girl!

Life... has been alright. I've had a LOT of changes in the past 2 years... I think perhaps I should write a recap blog entry about that.

I'll post this to your blog as well, just in case...

Take care !

Cricketina said...

We'll see. I did post this morning. Not sure if I'll keep it up or not. Not sure about much right now.