February 28, 2008

A quick dip in Cotonou

So I'm quickly reappearing before I go back to the bush.

I just spent four days working in a place (completely lost place, I promise you) called Lokossa, in Benin. I was assessing an NGO for a grant - the same kind of job that I do, though with a different finality. I usually audit for audit's sake. This time, there's a carrot at the end of the stick, for the people I deal with.

It was just a bit more airy than Cotonou, which was nice, though the place where I stayed was VERY depressing. Food? Not bad, but richer than I'm used to. I feel fat.

On the way back, I took pictures of lake Aheme, lovely place which BH refered to as the "Ozarks in Benin". Photos are here.

Lac Aheme (1)

We also made a quick detour through Ouidah, the home of voodoo and a slave trade historical site, as long as colonial city. The streets had something of Antigua, I'll admit.

Ouidah (26)

To visit Ouidah through my photo set, click here.

The Beaver
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Thanks and may the winds of Fate blow your way !


Salt Water said...

Ouidah is supposed to look ugly and scary. Instead it looks calm, warm, and nice. It seems prettier than Northern California. You make me wish I had your nerve when it comes to travel. Africa looks romantic from here. Thanks, Beav.

Beaver said...

Oh? Why is Ouidah supposed to look terrible?

It's true that Ethiopia's horror, and the madness of places like Tchad or Sudan have given Africa a bad rep. But there are plenty of decent places... like Benin, for example... :-P