January 28, 2009

Lazy tweets

  • 08:10 So, first tweet ever! In the bus to uni, i'm late. What else is new? 
  • 17:13 Just got home from uni - and very excited. My essay is well underway, and my professor seems interested in my thesis idea! Life is good. 
  • 18:18 Dinner was good - couscous, yum! With discussion about the war of 100 years and the various degrees of norsification on the English Isles. 
  • 21:24 Also, saw Pride and Prejudice with Matthew Macfadyen as Darcy. Just a bit in love. Not a lot. Knowing the story was a woman's work helps. 
  • 22:42 gah, slaving on a very short essay. why is this so painful? Oh, right. I want to say a million things and I can only say two. Urgh. 
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