January 29, 2009

Manual Tweets

Because LoudTwitter failed.

  • Gah, this essay took forever due to lack of synthetic skillz. But at long last it is done. Huzzah! 2 days ago     
  • Woke up late - but still on time to go to class. Today is essay remittance day - and there's the Proto-French. Didn't read for that one. Ow. 2 days ago 
  • Okay, off to class. I have about 1h to read Proto-French before the lecture. Yes, I can. It's only 20p, right, right? *facepalm* 2 days ago 
  • Working on making interfaces talk to each other, ha! 2 days ago 
  • Survived the storm. Back to my window at the library. Just realized that I lecture tomorrow on philosophy. This is wow. 2 days ago 
  • Louis 16 disait: le roé c'est moé! Also, everyone is a viking! 1 day ago 
  • Damn you, snow! You have deprived me of my wit! 1 day ago 
  • Prof liked the questions that work with my essay. I is happy. Hopefully the essay will go over well. To tired to work in Diderot. Tomorrow. 1 day ago 
  • Mum came home from theater. She's in a good mood. Premiere is tomorrow. It will rock. 1 day ago 

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