June 11, 2009


I should write things. As in, I should take up blogging again. In the past year, it seems I lost interest in chronicling my own life – and that’s not to say I lost interest in my life altogether, but simply that writing down things seemed to suddenly lack in justification.

So in short – the semester ended with joy galore – my grades are sufficient for the next step – and GAWD, I hope I don’t spend too much time loitering around before I graduate, because as much as I love the academic world, this is my second degree, and I’m not getting any younger, damnation be done!

But it’s been good, remarkably so. Mainly, I loved the papers and the studying, and I loved the classes. I’m failing terribly at my reading list, though, since the summer started. Two reasons explain this:

1) I found a full-time temporary job at a college, which is awesome but takes up reading time.

2) I seem to fail at going to get said books, and read other things instead. For example, I finally finished Kostova’s Historian, which was excellent and really took over my brain, and I’m now completely engrossed in Azar Nafisi’s Reading Lolita in Tehran. I wish I’d read it sooner – it would have been a helpful contribution to my paper on oriental feminism, though perhaps that would have filled it with too much material. I also have Alexis Zorba half-started. I fail at following plans.

Also, weather, stop raining. It’s not pleasant and it kills my Internet. And please, friends who don’t have a summer job? Don’t ask me out late on week nights. I just won’t do it.

My mother seems to have taken up the obsession of helping me lose weight. In the process, we’ve been working out every morning, which is great for my body and terrible for my sleep, as I can’t seem to bother myself with going to bed earlier. One of the down sides of going to the pool for laps a 7Am is the Very Obese Old Russian Streaker. I swear, her body is a vision of horror. Another one is quinoa cake. Really. Forget all about flavor, all ye who enter here. The perk is the cute lifeguard who waves at me every day. And smiles. He’s totally adorable.

My former employer contacted me about a well paying contract for one month – it’s a travelling gig, it always is with them. I declined because it made me miss 4 weeks of class in the fall semester, but I feel kind of icky about it, mostly because I miss the crew.

Last but not least, I think the summer is getting to me – not the sunshine and pleasant weather, but the onslaught of public snogging everywhere. I’m sticking to my ‘celibacy is the thing for me scenario’, but --- yeah. Occasionally, I feel almost like I should question that. And then I’m myself again.

Ah, and So is coming in from Boston tonight, though I won't see her until tomorrow. I think it's been something like 3 years since we hung out. Fun times.


Salt Water said...

Fun catch-up for me, Beav. I too had lost interest in blogging, and as a result lost track of your adventures. Glad to hear Mom is in your life. Morning laps are great, but they are better at 5am. "Celibacy" was a shock. After seeing and hearing you sing Hotel California, I would not have thought you knew that word. Your comments on reading were helpful for me, because I find a similar problem with my own library. I have many books not gotten to yet that don't get read until I am supposed to read something else ("Across Five Aprils" was a case in point). As for the "academic world" you are the kind of person who should teach half the year and investigate the rest. Sounds like life is good. Glad to hear it.

Beaver said...

I'm amazed that you follow me still, Jim, and truly, I appreciate it.

I will woefully admit that there is little to have lost track of: my life has been much less adventurous since I went back home. Basically, it's been school, work, home, with the occasional social outing. Life is still good, though.

As for celibacy... hey, this has been going on for nothing short of 4 years, now. I'm not complaining, though. By many ways, I've come to find that this sort of freedom suits me well.