February 12, 2015

Belated happy endings

Last time I posted here, I was actually still trying to figure out my life. Last time I posted here, I was looking at the very real possibility of being a perpetual student and perpetually single.

So much has happened since!

2012, and its invigorating protests, its infuriating dead ends.
The Maple spring, its dedicated, heart-bleeding liberals, and the man whom I then had no idea would change my life for the better, and hopefully for good, too.

So the quick update is this: there is someone in my life who is amazingly good for me and makes me happy. I've been making a precarious but enriching living teaching at various levels for the past three years. I'm currently working towards yet another graduate degree.

There is also a cat pretending to be a chicken in my living room.

Life ain't easy, but it's good nonetheless. I found the stability I was looking for when I moved back home.

Small mercies. Blessings counted.

On on! As I would have said, back when I was in DKR. Much has changed, much is still the same, and I'm thankful.

Busy life means I may not be able to update very often, I'm sorry. Yet here I am.

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