October 19, 2009

Actually! Question!

I was going to post a long update of long - I keep on forgetting to blog, actually, which is kind of embarrassing.

Then it hit me. I should ask.

Does anyone use LiveJournal, around here?

Also, is anyone still reading (or occasionally checking) this blog ?


Merry said...

Also, is anyone still reading (or occasionally checking) this blog ?

Nope. Not me. Definitely not.

Anonymous said...

Bev?? I'm not sure if you still check here, or even want to speak to me, but it's Carol from the TDA board...

I just wanted to say I missed you and hoped everything was ok. I've tried a few times to get in contact with you but haven't been able to track you down :( I lost your MSN addy as well.

Mine's arrsistable@hotmail.com if you ever want to get back in touch.

Miss ya.

Saur♥Kraut said...

I do read your blog - I can't believe it's been so long since I last checked in! I get so wrapped up in my own little world, and I've been battling the flu for 4 weeks.

Salt Water said...

Still here from time to time. Are you a Professor yet?

Had a rough go here, but still luckier than most. Back at work for the moment. Doing health care again. Trucking is dead.

Hows the love life?

Best wishes!

Beaver said...

I'm now working in research, actually, and 8 months from graduating (though I'm moving on to the next level if I'm lucky). I should perhaps one of these days post a complete update.

I'm so sorry I've been so awful about this blog.

:-) said...


What brought me to your blog is your mention of Woloff, and the fact that you were trying to learn it back in 2004. I'm going to Senegal in May 2011, and I'm trying to find someone that could teach me the basics. Do you know a person or organization that could help me or even a book that you could suggest ?



Beaver said...

Bonjour Francois,

I actually have a French/Woloff lexicon here: http://travelbeaver.blogspot.com/2004/11/petit-lexique-woloff.html which might be helpful?

I learned what I knew then by talking to people in Dakar - I don't actually know about books or courses. However, depending where you are, you might be able to find very nice Senegalese students who would be willing to help you out? Also contact the Senegalese Embassy/consulate and ask them - they might have information.

However, if you're going to Dakar, the lexicon could be enough - mixed with French, it's pretty close to the cosmopolitan pidgin there.

I hope this helps! Good luck!

Salt Water said...

Hello again, Beav,

Starting a new blog here. Hope all is well there.

I'm about to loose my beautiful wife to cancer, but we are tired of crying about it. We are being a bit wierd. We take unresonable chances by going places and doing stuff, yet the sit around and wait thing sucked. We had to get out of that mind-set.

What research are you doing? Can it be made public? Hope you write that book some day about the real workings of the world. It all seems crazy to me.

Best wishes, Beav.