January 09, 2006


So I've officially left home sweet home. I cried buckets leaving Dave behind and feel, as I write this, the pinch of separation eating at me. Being away from him is truely painful. I will also miss my mum and her cooking, and my "real-life" friends who are probably not even reading this blog.

Anyway, before I go and explore the mysteries of Paki-land, I have to go and get briefed at HQ. Not that I hate going to HeadQuarters or anything, but everytime I go there, something happens. Today was no exception.

I went to bed this morning a 00:30AM. I woke up at 4AM so I wouldn't miss my plane. My mum accompanied me to the airport, and I checked in my luggage. So far, so good. It's painful to not sleep, but I can handle it.

Now this is where it becomes sad, ugly, and depressing.

I repeatedly tell my agent that if she is to book me a connecting flight, she should allow buffer time for the connection. It seems that the message got lost, because once again I missed my connecting flight.

I didn't have anything to do with it, it just happened, I swear. I caught my flight on time. But my home town being close to the equivalent of Siberia, the ground crew judged it necessary to spray THE WHOLE AIRPLANE with anti-freeze. Now, that's a lot of windshield washer for you!

The whole operation took 30 minutes, which was enough to make me miss my connection. But on top of that, my flight was in an other terminal of LaGuardia airport, and I had to take a 20 minute trek to the place, re-register at security. This doesn't include the 10 minutes during which I walked around, trying desperately to find my way.

Anyway, eventually I got booked on the following flight and made it to the office, starving and exhausted.

Now, can someone please tell me WHY MY LUGGAGE DIDNT FOLLOW?

The Beaver

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007 in Africa said...

I'm so sorry sweety! It's really hard to have to be both travelling to an exciting place AND leave the ones you love behind...it's such a conflict. Thinking of you and hoping to meet up with you soon. xoxo

Kingston Girl said...

We promise we'll keep you company as your 'real life' friends can't! But leaving people behind is awful - i now have about half my friends in one country, similar number in another and some randomly scattered around the world so wherever I am, I have left some behind :-(

Anjamon said...

Oh, it's really hard leaving loved ones, even when you go on one day, and I can't think when you go on some bigger trip! I hope everything will be Ok sweetie! You have my blessing! :D

BTW, I updated my blog few days ago. :) If you wanna read it...

and Chocolate
from your friend Anya!


juliana said...

Saying goodbye never gets easier. I had to go through the same thing with my exboyfriend in France. Like Kingston girl said, we'll keep you company!

Sorry to hear about the baggage loss and the connecting flight and everything else that went wrong. But if everything went perfectly all the time, not only would you not have anything to blog about but life would be dull! Always look on the bright side :)

Bonne Chance!

Beaver said...


007, I do hope we meet up soon. I miss you and everything that you are :o) Yes, indeed, I am torn. But otherwise, I'd be bored.

K-Girl, That's really sweet. I guess that makes you guys very real too. I truely enjoy seeing your smily face on my blog.

Anya, truely happy to have you back. I'll pop in for a good read soon :o)

Juliana, you're right, if that didn't happen, I wouldn't blog about it. And it's great to have friends to complain to. Thanks for sticking around!!!

Cricketina said...

I'm sorry you had such a rough start. I hope you have a terrific new year, despite it all.

Now I know at least something of what you faced when you took this job. Unknowinly, I applied for Grad schools out of state, only to meet a wonderful man and fall in love. I don't really know how everything will work out, but I have faith that it will.

Again, good luck with your travels and work. Much love!!

Gothamimage said...

Hey Beaver - Just surfed over from another blog where you made some political comments. In light of those, you may like our current post.

Anjamon said...

Honey, can you please wisit my blog top put pn on my Map and Post comment in my guest books??? I'll be forever greatful!

and Chocolate
from your friend Anya!!!!

Anjamon said...


and Chocolate
from your friend Anya!!!!

Beaver said...

Tina, you will be in my thoughts. Per my experience, if Kevin truely loves you, he will be patient and accomodating :) Good luck at your new school!

Goth, me, political????? You must be mistaken ;)

Anya, Glad to see you again. I checked out your last post :) Will place my pin too;)

cityangelz said...

hey!!! It's been quite a while since i've been here. Sorry swamped with school activities. Thanks for still coming by my blog though. Take care of yourself and enjoy your travels!

hope youre flights get better =D