January 26, 2006

Murrey Mountains

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On the road to the Murrey Mountain range (1h from Islamabad) .... Sur la route, vers les Montagnes Murrey (1h d'Islamabad)

Pakistani truck, originally uploaded by The Travelling Beaver.

This is... an emergency relief truck! Pretty nifty, huh?

Un camion faisant partie de l'effort d'urgence... Cool, hein!

A pakistani version of the Ndiaga NDiaye in Senegal... with a lot of colors and detail. These buses, no matter how hazardous they may be, are definitely works of art.

Version pakistanaise du Car Rapide Senegalais... tres coloree et detaillee. Peu importe qu'ils soient un danger public, tant qu'ils restent des oeuvres d'art!

Murrey Mountains, originally uploaded by The Travelling Beaver.

This is just an example of the incredible beauty of Pakistan. On Sunday, I went to the Murrey mountain range with some colleagues to visit the outskirts of Islamabad.

Voila un example de l'incroyable beaute du Pakistan. Dimanche, je suis allee dans les montagnes Murrey avec des collegues pour visiter les alentours d'Islamabad.

What was amusing was that some locals acyually kept on insisting on taking pictures with me, whereas in other countries if you take pictures of locals/with locals you're sure to incur a stiff fee.

Un des aspects amusants est que plusieurs touristes locaux ont insite pour prendre des photos avec moi, alors que dans d'autres pays prendre des photos avec des nationaux peut couter une fortune.

We also had a great time snow-fighting and reconnecting with our inner kid, while local kids were totally gawking at us :)

On a aussi eu beaucoup de plaisir a se lancer des boules de neiges et a renouer avec nous l'enfant en nous, sous le regard curieux et surpris des enfants du coin :)

We were kinda cold in the end (I mean, c'mon, it is 5deg below Zero !!!) that we had coffee in a street shop before heading back out to Islamabad (ISB for friends).

On avait un peu froid a la fin (il faisait quand meme -5 ) et on a pris un bon cafe au bord de la rue avant de retourner a Islamabad (ISB pour les intimes!)

The Beaver
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Qalamana said...

Beautiful pics girl!
Jamás habría pensado que Pakistán fuese así.
Nice to see you enjoying your stay in Pakistan...

Saur♥Kraut said...

Fantastic pics! Thanks so very much for sharing this with us all. I read up on your job and I must say, I'm envious! ;o)

You're in my blogroll now.

Anjamon said...

OMG! I live pictures! Those cars are soooo colorful!! Love it! I hope you're not mad cause I haven't review sooner... :(
Hope you'll haveing good time and that I'l have chanse to read more about your travels soon!!!! Love ya!

and Chcolate
from your friend Anya!