May 29, 2007

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The Beaver

My guest map is wonderful ! And you'd all be wonderful to post, all of you lurk mode readers!
Thanks and may the winds of Fate blow your way !


strudel said...

sweet Beav, there is something I have to tell you. I know it will hurt but I have to do it, since I love you. Drop snapping pics of sunfalls, sunrises, cats, monuments and landscapes. Mercy on us. Give us people, happenings, fun ads and boards. We know you are a good gal, not one of those touchy dolls, then a kiss is sailing the Ocean on a half nutshell toward the tip of your nose. Strudel

Beaver said...


Honestly, it will hurt you but I have to tell you.

You are annoying me. If you don't like my pictures, you are welcome to go elsewhere.

I am not going to blow my anonimity for your pleasure by posting pictures of people I know, and random strangers in 3rd world countries usually do not like to be photographed.

This is my blog and I do what I like. If you are not happy, that's too bad - I am not going to stop photographing the beauty of the world and post sensationnalism because you are not able to graps its poetry.

Xolo said...

I hope you are using your frequent flier miles to travel in style and to pamper yourself. If not, you should use them to stop in NY on your way to somewhere...

May all your journeys this year be safe and full of discovery (both of the world we live in and of yourself). And forget Strudel's comments, your pictures take me away to beautiful places even for just a minute or make me reflect on the world we share. I will take that any day over banality.

Elizabeth said...

Not coming anwywhere near here, I see... unfortunately. Happy travels, though. Let us know if you stop by Central Asia.

frog with a blog said...

Hon, I don't see any map of France here!? You promised you were coming this year!!!
Tapping fingers...

Qalamana said...

Hey! A what about Spain?

Salt Water said...

Always amazed by your adventures. I especially like the way your personhood shines through your blog. I read the Economist and get plenty of uglyness there. Strudel had alot of nerve commenting while his/her profile show nothing at all. Thanks Beav, wish you the best.

strudel said...

Friends may want to share harvest shining under the moon . Readers want to see the harvesters . Strudel is irrelevant and rhinorized. - Truly yours, Strudel

cristina said...

Wow, another packed year of travelling! ;) Hope you got some quality rest time in Montreal over the holiday.
Am late in wishing you une joyeuse nouvelle année! Have a blast and take care!! :)
Am taking a short break from blogging but will be back in the very near future.
Btw, will you be in Banjul at the end of the year? I have fab memories from Gambia. Hehe.

Beaver said...

Thanks for your kind encouragements and your good wishes. Oh how I do miss New York! If I do come by, I will make sure to let you know.

Yeah, Afghanistan is actually on the list this year - but I have not been assigned. You never know, though, it could change !

frog with a blog & Qalamana ,
La liste n'est pas definitive... et entre la France et l'Espagne, mon coeur balance. Il est aussi possible que je doive rentrer a Montreal pendant cette semaine la. Comme il y a trop d'imponderables, je n'ai pas calcule cette semaine la pour le moment.

Salt Water,
Thanks for your encouragements ! Strudel appears to be a pseudo-webzine guy who like to take other people's content and include it. I have authorized him to use some pictures in the past and he seems to beleive that entitles him to tell me what to do. After some rather unsavory comments he made to me on 007's blog, I have decided I had enough of him.

strudel ,
as I said before, people are a difficult subject on many many levels. It is not always culturally acceptable to photograph locals. As far as people I actually KNOW - well, unless they have identified themselves on the net, I will not use their pix here out of respect for their privacy. TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT!!!

I'm quite pleased to know you are still alive an kicking. Indeed, I will be in Banjul - but this is SO far in time, you never know what can happen by then and maybe I'll be in Beijing or in Maseru instead! Happy 2007 to U and to Better Half!

Qalamana said...

Happy birthday to you, haapy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Marie, happy birthday to yoooouuuu!!!