June 03, 2007

Painting my nails in Kabul

I arrived in Kabul, I'm fine, I am in a comfortable hotel, and will post more tomorrow.

My flight was ok - but I almost missed it. I re-fell asleep after my alarm rang. I slept through the better part of it, but not before I made friend, a Attache working at the French Embassy in Kabul. Knowing people is key in this business.

Kabul is fine but food is terrible. The weather seems to be erratic - freakin' hot by day, freakin' cold at night. The desert thing, if you will. Wearing a burka in broad daylight must be unbearable. The hijab is already a pain, I'll admit.

The picture I am using for the header, I didn't take, but it is true - this is what Kabul looks like from the sky. From the ground there is barely any thing to see - low mud houses, that's pretty much it.

My hotel looks like crap from the outside but is actually pretty nice inside. There is a garden, a gym, and a restaurant. My only qualm is the food. Meat is difficult to avoid. And boiled beef is yucky.

It took a while for Internet to get hooked up, so I had time to give myself a manicure and a pedicure. Strange first activity for Kabul, if you ask me.

Tomorrow, work. I'll know whether or not I go to Herat, and for how long if I do.

The Beaver

My guest map is wonderful ! And you'd all be wonderful to post, all of you lurk mode readers!
Thanks and may the winds of Fate blow your way !


007 in Africa said...

Waht, no pictures of the finished product?

Salt Water said...

Wow! Sounds a bit harsh as reviews go. Are you not enjoying the Moscovian vodka? sunbathing at the public pool? or poker parties? I have heard there is something nice to smoke about. Do not measure anything "...from the tip of the carapace to the end of the tail." if you find it in your cereal milk. Have you seen any posters of George the Savior? Best Wishes, Beav.

Dan Dx said...

Salt Water, in Kabul, easy to find Polish 96 grades alcohol called "novad-o shash" (a bit rough and disgusting, but with Coke, it goes down)
It used to be a swimming pool in Intercontinental Hotel, shall be closed now. As for poker places, I don't know, but pool halls near by Shar-e-Now Park
In fact, one does not go to Afghanistan for such things...
Beaver, on friday (jumah in farsi) take a bus to Kote Sanguee, and from there another bus to Paghman. Very nice King's gardens, good place for a picnic and you'll meet the real and friendly Kabuli people. Btw (Who knows !) Hire some bodyguards...
About thing to smoke, "Smokin' may be hazardeous for your health!" and Mazar-e Sharif stuff takes you very, very, very high, be careful.

Beaver said...


No, my cam is AWOL - I have a battery problem. I'll post some pics soon, it's resolved as today.

Salt Water,
No posters yet. The wild side of Kabul is revealing itself to me, slowly but surely. I found a few cool things. (see Dan's reply? Not all, but some.)

Dan Dx,
Thanks for the tips. I have a very strict policy about smoking strange stuff, so worry not. Cheers to you!