June 10, 2007

Security update

7 June 2007 - Situation in Brief

Movement Status, Kabul “Normal Movement”

Min of Health Workers released by Taleban

Security Incidents

Southern Region

Kandahar, Zabul

ISAF Casualties: 06 June, Kandahar Province, Kandahar District – two ISAF soldiers have been killed in two separate incidents in the area; no further details provided.

IED/Ambush: 06 June, Kandahar City , (District 7, Kokaran Area) - late in the evening a police convoy was subjected to an IED strike followed by an ambush (small arms); the vehicle that was hit was carrying ammunition which exploded; two other vehicles were extensively damaged; two policemen are reported missing.

Contact: 06 June, Kandahar Province, Maruf District – police were in contact with a group of insurgents; one insurgent was killed and another injured; four motor cycles and four VHF radios were seized.

IED: 06 June, Kandahar Province, Shorabak District – about midday a Border Police vehicle was subjected to an IED strike; two policemen were killed; vehicle extensively damaged.

IED: 06 June Kandahar Province, Arghandab District – a vehicle belonging to an Afghan private security company was subjected to an IED strike; three guards were injured; vehicle was extensively damaged.

Anti-tank Mine Located: 06 June, Kandahar Province, Zhari District - police located and later defused an anti-tank mine which had been recently planted on the main road.

Abductees Released by Taleban: 07 June, Kandahar Province, Kandahar District – the Min of Public Health has apparently confirmed that three health workers and their driver have released by the Taleban; four health workers and their driver were abducted at the end of March whilst involved on a vaccination program in a camp for IDP in Kandahar area; in exchange for the release of the MoPH workers the government released the body of Mullah Dadullah, the Taleban commander who was killed last month in Helmund Province; the fifth abductee is reported to have been decapitated on Tuesday; a Taleban spokesman says the body is in the Kajaki District from where the relatives should recover it.

06 June, Zabul Province, Daychopan District – during the course of the morning the district centre was attacked; ISAF and Afghan army units responded; engagement lasted about three hours; one policeman was killed; two attackers/insurgents were injured.

IED: 06 June, Zabul Province, Qalat District (Kakaran Area) – a police vehicle was subjected to an IED strike; the device had been hidden in a roadside hand-cart; two policemen were injured; vehicle extensively damaged.

The Beaver

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Thanks and may the winds of Fate blow your way !


Dan Dx said...

As usual, Kandahar region is dangerous and has always been unsafe for ages. No regrets, Kandahar city is quite ugly. You'll miss the old men in the central park who used to spend the summer nights listening their nightingales in their cages of reed... No regrets, no old men with birds anymore, I think. Talebans banned the song of birds too...
The country both sides of the long road from Kandahar to Herat in impressive in the daytime: desert of stones, black hills, awful heat, tornadoes of dust.
But I presume, you'll travel to Herat by plane, won't you? Herat, the city of soufis... Je vous envie! Comme je vous envie!!!
Ba-amane Khoda!

I.:.S.:. said...

haha you're very funny on kabul.