July 30, 2009


And as the week wears on, more is written - this is good, I hope it keeps up. I've been thinking about Nano lately, and I really hope that this year I can write more effectively than I did last year. This probably has a lot to do with the fact that I'm reading more lately, but it also has to do with wonderful prompts I've been getting from friends. This means that I have to think of daily prompts for November. In order to help motivate myself, I might even publish them here - the prompts, that is, not their results. I'm selfish about original writing.

Maybe I'll do Nano differently, this year. I started off with an outline last year and was unable to keep up with it, mostly, I think, because I didn't like my story all that much. I may, instead of an outline, give myself daily prompts that only mesh in together insofar as that they relate to the same group of original characters / universe, etc.

Where I originally wanted to write something that is non-fantasy (an old, old project of mine prompted by the desire to please Mommy Dearest), I think I probably will go for fantasy this year. This may or may not have anything to do with the fact that Mommy Dearest herself is supporting my attendance at WorldCon, WTF. She is earning my eternal adoration for this. And for everything else, but. This Is Cool.

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