June 19, 2005

At last, a wild night in Montreal !

The LOFT :

"This bar used to be known as "La Nausée" (nausea) and boasted they had the worst bathrooms in Montreal. It now still keeps the venerable tradition of cheap alcool. "

This bar also was the stage of my early beginnings as an immature, illegal clubber. Located in the less glamorous (to say the least) part of downtown, this place is particularly special because of its two rooms (one plays rock and one plays top 40 stuff) and its amazing rooftop terrace in the summer.

Last night, after a very adult evening at the theater, I ended up with some friends in this temple of my teenage years. We sat on the terrace, had a few beers, chilled out. We were 3 girls and a guy, with a second guy about to join us when one of my friends bailed to go to bed and the other one begged me to take her home because she was feeling sick. So I did, and then went home to fit back out of my classic little black dress and in my comfy jeans, leather coat and biker boots to meet up with my male buds. The evening went along great, with lots of beer, dancing to some hard rock (which I had so dearly missed in DKR) and some private chatting. I went home late by MTL standards, as we actually stayed until the bar closed, at 3 AM.

Life in Montreal is getting better !

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