December 26, 2005


The most successful wireless provider in Montreal, Fido, owes its success to its smart use of dogs as advertisement icons.

Since then, Telus followed and has been using all sorts of animals, with their most recent addition being the HIPPO!!!

But now, beavers are invading Montreal's scene.... The new Bell Canada campaign uses .... the Beaver :)

I have finally been heard !!!

The Beaver

My guest map is wonderful ! And you'd all be wonderful to post, all of you lurk mode readers!
Thanks and may the winds of Fate blow your way !


The beaver's boyfriend said...

I love the beaver

Qalamana said...

Enjoy your holidays at home and spoil yourself!
Happy New Year,

Saur♥Kraut said...

Happy New Year, hon! I will buy just about anything if they use animals in their ad.

Liquidplastic said...

I love ads with Animals ... but these days I only buy what is necessary no matter who they use in thier advertisment.

Ha! Beaver's Boyfriend ... how sweet to be so open! Happy New Years to both of you.