May 19, 2006

2004-2006 : Rest In Peace

Oh piece of technology,
Here is your ulogy,
At last thine end hast come.
Does it sound like a drum?
Far and wide thou travel'st, high and low, around the Earth.
But yet thine fate is sealed, with no hope of rebirth.
Thine owner well you served, with work and with hobbies,
And your user weeps the loss of her MP3's.
May you make with glory, your way out of this stance,
And may the warranty give you back radiance.

The Beaver

My guest map is wonderful ! And you'd all be wonderful to post, all of you lurk mode readers!
Thanks and may the winds of Fate blow your way !


nyasha said...

what flowers are considered most appropriate for an MP3 grave? i do feel your loss. Time for an iPod? :)

nyasha said...

btw Castor, i have a big favour to ask of you. Mon ami Nomad is mad about flags, and he is 2 flags away from 100 on his blog. He does not have the Haiti flag yet, so would it be too much trouble for you to click on this link so he can get to 99 :) Un très grand merci de nous deux :)

straightfromthecask said...

Just great :-)
I wish I could react likewise, but even though computers have taught me patience, I keep teaching them violence !

PS : This time I have to write "fzzouxp" ! to get the message recorded on your page. And it sounds fun in French. Sorry, I had to :-).

nyasha said...

you are DA best. :) enjoy your sunday! When are you due out of PAP?

Beaver said...

Nyasha, thank god I had an iPod. Unfortunately, i also discovered the transfer "dans l'autre sens" does not work. I did share my library with a colleague recently though, so the damage is limited. Oh, yeah, and you're welcome ;o)

STFC, yeah, it's actually pretty dramatic for other reasons (Dell will decline a warranty claim because the IT guy here tried to fix it - and it looks like I'm in much mierda with Ze big boss.) In these circumstances, I can only try to be as relaxed as I can.


(oh yeah, I have to type "hayas" to comment on my own blog, Lol)

Reluctant Nomad said...

Hi Beaver, thanks for visiting me and giving me my 100th flag. And thanks to coffee addict for pointing you my way.

Usually, when I get to an 'auspicious' flag number (50, 100 etc), I make a post about the flag so expect one on Haiti at some stage.

Beaver said...

Cool Beans, Nomad!

Thanks for visiting !