May 15, 2006

No amnesty for you!

Sunday, may 14th 2006. Rene Preval is sworn in as the President of the Republic of Haiti.

The stakes are high for President Preval, as expections are getting higher and higher within the population of the poor neighboudhoods of PAP, Cite Soleil and Bel-Air. While in the troubled region of Gonaive, the UN peace keepers did well in stabilizing the insecure environment, the blue helmets have been the target of much cynicism in Port-au-Prince, as the insecurity in the poorest zones has been hovering without a final solution.

The president has a lot to do
Hence the high expectations put on the shoulders of Prezidan Preval and his newly elected flick of ministers and deputees who are left with a limping infrastructure, sky-rocketting unemployment rates and heightened insecurity to deal with.

It's well understood in PAP that these are all tied in together in a vicious circle of despair, and that Haiti will have a long way to go before it stops being the poorest country in the sub-region and one of the poorest in the world with a rank of 153 out of 177 on the UN's Human Development Index.

So it's with great interest and a good dose of scepticism that the world now looks at Rene Preval, the heir to a long tradition of despotism and terror reign in Haiti. His decision not declare amnesty this time around arouses intersting questions, as it is beleived that many prisonners who would have benefitted from the measure have been held without trial for years or may even be political prisonners.

Alas, we can only watch and wait...

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VERY interesting. It's a sad fact that the American press doesn't print much of what's going on in other countries. I appreciate this. said...

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