May 25, 2006

Light-hearted... or at least trying...

With work closing in, and stress reaching a max, I'm letting my friend Coffee Addict inspire me to dream......

I'm taking this opportunity to apologize for any non-answered emails. I will try to get caught up this weekend.

So here goes, if I were a Billionaire, I'd maintain the following 13 cribs around the world:
1) A studio in Montmartre (Paris, France) ;
2) A cabin by a lake in the Laurentians (Quebec) ;
3) A sanctuary on a quiet Caribbean Island ;
4) A house in Cape Town (South Africa);
5) A villa in Tuscany (Italy);
6) A trendy appartment in Montreal (Quebec) ;
7) A palace on a remote Pacific Island ;
8) A town house in Barcelona (Spain) ;
9) A fully-equipped residential yacht ;
10) A mezannine in Tokyo ;
11) A suite in Rio de Janeiro ;
12) A skying lodge in Chamonix ;
13) A ranch in Camargue (France).

The Beaver

My guest map is wonderful ! And you'd all be wonderful to post, all of you lurk mode readers!
Thanks and may the winds of Fate blow your way !


Saur♥Kraut said...

and who wouldn't? ;o) Just invite me over every once in a while...

Frog with a Blog said...

Wouldn't that freak you out to have so many places? I personally would not enjoy a single one of them if I had all that. However, if I had that many lovers in each country, that'd be different. By the way, am really enjoying reading your blog.

nyasha said...

a house in Cape Town would be up there on the list as well! And Barcelona - love Barcelona! ;)
that's is great that you joined T13. I do it once in a while when i get lazy to do a proper post (mais on ne dit rien à personne *wink wink*)

juliana said...

that's a nice list you have there. I couldn't tell you which one I would have because they all seem so tempting. Actually, I would just like to travel all around the world with the money I'd use for all those houses, and then come home to Washington DC which is the city I love. There is something about washington. It's chic and smart, not too daunting. There is something for everyone. And it's so liberal and open, we love everyone.

Beaver said...

Saur, you're welcome anyday, whole-heartedly!

Frog, you're right, it would probably be freaky. But I assume if I could afford all these cribs I'd also afford the butler and the maids... and I'm sure my friends would be happy to take advantage of the opportunity, as would my family... Merci pour le compliment en passant :)

Nyasha, yeah T13 is pretty cool. I think I'll copy-cat you once in a while and start my own on lazy days...

Jules, I would have probably said the same thing a year ago. But with the extensive travelling.... I feel the need to have a place to call my own. By the way, when are you going to Mali?

Much love,


Liquidplastic said...

I just want to be your realestate agent, than I would get rich too! Such wonderful places to live in, this one can only dream about.

I am feeling much better these days Beav' --- thank you so much for keeping me cheered up with your visits. My daughter copied all comments from my blog and brought them to the hospital and read them to me. They gave me such energy.

Much love and all the beautiful things in life my dear friend. - Amias

Kingston Girl said...


I'm with you on several of those... as long as I can have some as many copies of my favourite books as I have houses, I'd be fine!

Salt Water said...

I'm with the Frog on this one. My dream would be an inconspicuous car with a large trunk. Every thing I own would be in that trunk. If it didn't fit, I wouldn't keep it. Then, drive from nice hotel to nice hotel. Nice would not mean fancy. It would be like any of the simple hotels in Gold Beach Oregon. On the water, warm, clean, and safe with okay food just a block or two away. They have a simple Pancake House (Grant's) that makes great pancakes and a Linguica and asparagus omelet. If you sit in the right booth, you can feel the heat from the wood fire and see the ocean waves break on the sandy shore. And if you're lucky enough to be there in a winter rainstorm, you might think you are in one of the best places in the world. Also, I'd skip all those lovers Frog was talking about. Lovers are like donuts. One perfect donut is what you want, not a dozen. Often times when traveling I'm very glad the donut I have likes to sleep in. Mornings are for enjoying myself and the rising sun.