November 27, 2006

The Broken Sword

Category: Books

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy

Author: Molly Cochran, Warren Murphy

The Broken Sword offers a rare blend of action, adventure, and history not found every day or even every year. Arthur is the young reincarnation of the once and future king and his guardian Hal was once Galahad. In a middle eastern marketplace a former American president is shot but then miraculously healed by a humble cup that rolls into the hands of Beatrice who had been blind from birth but suddenly can see. After further attempts on them Arthur and Beatrice stowaway on a ship bound for America with Taliesin. Hal swept away in a strong current eventually finds himself shepherding the rowdy knights of the round table who have been released into this reality to New York to try and save Arthur from once again losing his life to evil forces.

Not great litterature - but it will get you through a bored night !
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The Beaver

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Salt Water said...

Sounds like a fun read. I looked for it at but it wasn't there. I read a lot, but it has to be while driving. With our new government torture rules, I do not want to read too many books about dead presidents. Thanks, Beav.