November 06, 2006

Ups and downs

Yesterday was a bad day. Today was a good day. It was uneventful, but good.

I think my favorite part of today was dinner. It involved a lot of girl talk and male-bashing. (Sorry boys, I know there are some decent men out there, but this is part of my therapy.) This Haitian girl we befriended here was so funny, I laughed so hard, I think I cried. It was like being in Sex & The City, Haitian-style.

Tomorrow, I am going to the field to visit a Hospital where we participate in the treatment of HIV-AIDS patients. I've been there before and will re-assess the project, 6 months later. This should be interesting. It will be nice to be out of PAP for a few days, even though the conditions there are ... rather uncomfortable, to put it mildly.

One of the reasons I'm happy to be going is that I will hopefully get once again a glimpse of the beautiful haitian coast, like I did last time I went in April:

Benedictine Monastery
(Click on the picture to access my set of Haitian
pictures from my first trip there 6 months ago.)

So anyway, I'll be gone probably for a few days... hopefully when I get back I'll have more pictures to share.

The Beaver

My guest map is wonderful ! And you'd all be wonderful to post, all of you lurk mode readers!
Thanks and may the winds of Fate blow your way !


007 in Africa said...

Hi girl...Weren't you supposed to come by DC? Did I miss you while you were here? By the way, from your latest bloga, it seems like you are not doing auditing-arrgh, I obviously need some news :)

Kingston Girl said...

Girl talk is always good. And although we know there are some good men out there, it's so much fun to bash the non-good ones!

Hope you enjoy your time out of P-O-P, and that you manage to see some of the Caribbean Sea

Beaver said...

Lady 007, yes, I was supposed to drop by DC... and to be honest, it was just too short. My stop lasted under 24 hours, and was between a 16-hour flight and a 3AM wake up call... So I was selfish and slept like the dead for as long as I could... I'll be back in the DC area for several weeks after thanksgiving, and then we will definitely play catch up !

*FYI, i am still doing auditing - but it also involves evaluations and follow-ups. We'll talk more about it when we hook up*

K-Girl, you speak the truth ! There was a comment about some men and their absence of a butt and strange arched legs that is still making me chuckle as I write this. Man - that feels good.

Take care, update to come soon !

Gemma said...

¡Hola, hola!
¿Qué tal? Tu post anterior me ha dejado un poco preocupada: cheer up!!!
Entiendo que te sientas mal, pero tengo la absoluta convicción de que las cosas pasan por algo: tienes muchas cosas por vivir y descubrir!!!

Anímate :)

Beaver said...

No te preoccupa pormigo.... esta la recuparacion que me hace piensar cosas tristas a vez. Pero me gusta la vida, y hay dias que tengo mucho energía y optimismo.

Thank you for your loyal friendship despite distancia y tempo.

Much love,