November 30, 2006

Who EVER said Canadians were not patriotic ?

Here is all the reasons that I proudly bear the nickname "Beaver".

Thanks to Surind for posting this great video ! I'd seen the ad before, and still love it very very much !

The Beaver

My guest map is wonderful ! And you'd all be wonderful to post, all of you lurk mode readers!
Thanks and may the winds of Fate blow your way !


Victoria said...

Ahaha, I've always loved that video. I played boggle last night with two true-canadians, yet I am the one who scored points for toque and loon!

frog with a blog said...

I almost shed a few tears watching this. Vive le Cananda, les Canadiens et tous les Castors!

nyasha said...

so you are a true Castor Canadensis!
I just had to go and do a little research on the Canadian beaver after watching your clip. C'├ętait trop fort le clip - set a few people straight! ;)
love your new header btw.

Beaver said...

Thanks everybody for your comments ! Life is wonderfully hectic these days and I am looking forward to updating when I get a chance !

Victoria, Congratulations - but what in the world is a toque ? *scratches head*

Michelino, sais-tu que je suis non seulement un castor mais aussi une grenouille ? Eh oui, les Quebecois ont aussi herite de ce charmant sobriquet.
Croa Croa, please don't step on my flat tail.

Nyasha, thanks for the compliment. I do take proudly on my canadian identity (although Mr. Harper has recently given reasons to be more soveignist than I usually am.) But any way, thanks. Merci aussi pour le compliment pour le header - but it is not one of my pics this time (shame) - I didnt have a chance to take a good one yet.

Salt Water said...

Wow! As our news tells it, there are only three countries in the world, USA, Iraq, and Iran. This Canada place sounds nice.