December 05, 2006

The Thanks Giving Update

So I went home for thanksgiving. It was great to see Mum again and to spend some quality time with her. We caught up a lot, walked in town for long hours, and eventually (as usual) went shopping.

We also went out to dinner with family friends. And I enjoyed a lot having some quiet time at home, just relaxing, sleeping and enjoying my "alone time".

After I arrived, SmokeyMonkey and Martini picked me up to go out for coffee and to play catch up. Apparently, they had news... and indeed they did: a new baby is to come in the world. I'm very excited about it because I calculated that delivery would happen during my summer vacation. Hopefully for once I will get a chance to congratulate the happy parents in person. (Although it may be a second since Bavaria_Negra may actually give birth on January 1st !)
I also hooked up with QuashQuash to discuss Haiti over a Bre-Lunch (her Breakfast, my Lunch). That was, indeed, an excellent omelette.

One night I got picked up by MartyMart and J-Freak to go and play pool with the boys. NikeNick and Yvanovitch-Mon-Coeur, SmokeyMonkey and Martini were there. Again, it was fantastic to feel the intimacy of friends. I even got big hugs and a back massage. They really made sure I had the chance to remember how fantastic it is to have friends. They also reminded me of how men can be wonderful despite my past disappointments.

There was also a fantastic evening at the Old Dublin with live Irish Music. MartyMart came, with Carlito and Yvanovitch-Mon-Coeur but I also hung out with the OtherBeaver and his beautiful Consort.

Eventually, though, all good things myst come to an end and I left Montreal again,
en Route to Baltimore by way of Toronto.

The flight to Toronto was rather uneventful, but I did almost miss my connection in Toronto as the airport's indication were more than misleading.

I purposely decided nt to talk about my flight from Toronto to Baltimore. That will b for another blog entry. Nevertheless, I made it to Baltimore where Naya, my roommate, greeted me very warmly.
More to come soon, or the stories of Beaver, in the city of Crabs !

The Beaver
Thank you Meg in Australia, for posting on my guestmap. My guest map is wonderful ! And you'd all be wonderful to post, all of you lurk mode readers!Thanks and may the winds of Fate blow your way !


Salt Water said...

Congratulations, Beav. Good to hear about happy times, especially with Mother Dearest. I for my part am very interested in the omelet. It is quite nice looking. I do not know what bre is, although I've heard of it many times. The big question for me is, where are the spuds? How could one possibly substitute potatoes with kiwi? In America, omelets always come with potatoes and toast, yet I have heard other countries serve food in a more alacart fashion. Is this why that gorgeous omelet looks so lonely? I thought about borrowing the picture to post on my diary blog, because it is a great egg picture. This food subject brings up a question about your time in Haiti, did you try any toasted cantaloupe? We have a restaurant that claims to be Caribbean in focus and I had some there. Have you ever seen or heard of it? Congrats again, Beav. This seems like one of my most worthless comments. Sorry about that. I am not feeling very sharp today.

Saur♥Kraut said...

love the "bun in the oven" illustration. ;o)

Anonymous said...

Hey Beaver,
It was nice seeing you last weekend! Unfortunately I won't be able to come see you in Baltimore (I still don't know if I'm going to NY, but if not it'll because my friend's coming down to D.C.).
Have fun in Canada before your next mission!

Beaver said...

Salt water, your comments are never worthless :o)

You are welcome to take the picture and use it if you like, though it is not mine to use.

To answer your question - I think spuds are great - but they are also quite fattening if eaten in large quantities. I try to keep away from them for now. *hence my new hot curves*

I have not eaten toasted cantaloop in Haiti, although maybe other Caribbean Islands make them (you should ask Kingston Girl for her input on that matter.

Cheers !

Saur, yeah, I really liked it too. Pregnant women are SO beautiful.

Ammo, wow. You actually commented ! hehe no worries, friend, have a great time and we'll hook up in January. My weekend was getting pretty busy anyways :o) You're very welcome to keep up the commenting though !

Emmanuel.K.Bensah II said...

Beaver! Thanks for the lovely pictorial survey of how you spent your Thanksgiving. Your writing and pictures really brought it to life;-) Glad you spent time with your Mum and friends--it is always so fulfilling after globetrotting.

Incidentally, if I might ask, where is your Dad?