February 18, 2007

Beaver visits the simple path (Threading in the footsteps of an icon is also part of the game)

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The last night before I left Kolkata, I had the immense honor of being introduced to the Missionaries of Charity's motherhouse and to their working grounds.

Of the ignoramus reading this, the Missionaries of Charity are the order of nun, brothers, and lays that was founded by Mother Theresa. If you come from Mars and don't know who Blessed Mother Theresa is (or if you are from Earth and curious to know more about her life), click here.

Again, I was out of battery when I went, so I had to rely on Google to "borrow" some illustrations.

We started off by going to the house of Mother Teresa, and pay our respects to her tomb.

When one enters the home of the missionaries of Charity, there is a strong sense of peace and devotion. Anyone can only be humbled by the generosity and the dedication of the M.O.C. Just to see how dedicated one must be to be a M.O.C... here is the path they must take.
  • Aspirancy--6 months.

  • Postulancy--Up to 1 year.

  • Novitiate--2 years. First vows are taken after this.

  • Juniorate--5 years. Vows are renewed each year.

  • Tertianship--The 6th year of vows, after which final vows are taken.

Once the full vows are taken, the newly hatched M.O.C. can visit her family for 2 weeks, every NINE YEARS !!! That's some dedication for you !

Once we were done, we were allowed to see Mother Teresa's room, although pictures were not to be taken. It was a simple, humble and very small room with a sober bed, table and chair. A crucifix adorned the room. Nothing schocking from the woman who adopted the simple path.


The fruit of silence is PRAYER.

The fruit of prayer is FAITH.

The fruit of faith is LOVE.

The fruit of love is SERVICE.

The fruit of service is PEACE.

Once that was done, we visited the largest orphanage in Kolkata, where we met the children that are fostered by the M.O.C. It was just rooms and rooms full of children, babies, toddlers, boys and girls, healthy, ill, handicapped, happy, sad, indifferent, but all lively and beautiful because so full of life.

In one of the rooms, a little boy, maybe 18 months old, took a liking to me. He would just talk to me, and thrown his arms open at me. Most of the children I met were eager to be held, curious of my difference, and expressing a very important need: love.

I fell in love and got my heart broken countless times that night. I wanted to leave everything and adopt as many of these little ones as I could. I wanted to give them a home. But quitting would have made giving them a home difficult, aside from the fact that I am a gipsy at that moment. I don't even have a trailer !!!

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