February 02, 2009

Lazy tweets

  • 10:41 Alive, she's alive! Up and awake, and will soon get ready to go to Dinner.
  • 14:45 <3 to everyone. There will be absence tonight due to semi-family obligations. Ha.
  • 16:57 I am newly reacquainted with my old disliking of yos. It is purely irrational.
  • 17:20 Irresponsible, i am, and proud of it!
  • 17:20 Being a little kid in public transportation sucks: all you ever see is knees.
  • 17:20 It is a truth universally acknowledged that hair with too much gel is uber unsexy.
  • 18:22 My mother is an Obama fangirl. It's cute.
  • 19:49 Two bottles of wine later, my boredom is numb.
  • 23:34 Hmmm... should ponder the word misanthropic.
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1 comment:

Qalamana said...

Hola Marie!
Me alegra volver a leerte... aunque no he entendido muy bien este Ășltimo post :S