February 13, 2009

Tweets for Today

  • 09:25 Yay, reading day. Pray that I may be productive!
  • 11:48 Read: Pierre de Ronsard, Sonnets pour Helene. Poor guy. 7 years and not even a kiss.
  • 19:27 Read: Rubin's "Understanding sex." Despite the subject matter, it is boring.
  • 19:28 Reading: Green's "Becoming a visible man." Is fascinating, really really. So why did I fall asleep in the middle of it?
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Salt Water said...

Hi, Beav.

Happy Valentines Day. It has been awhile. Is that Green, Grahm Green? If so he has some talent. Not sure but I think I read one of his called "Affair". Hope all is well. Best wishes to Mom.

Beaver said...

Actually, it's Jamieson Green - a FTM transsexual's life story. It's for a class titled about the sociology of sex. It is quite interesting.

And yeah, it's been a long time. I really should set to blogging again properly, but at least with Tweets you know I'm still alive.

Salt Water said...

"Sociology of sex" sounds fun and scary. It reminds me of mechanical drawing. One starts with a blank page, establishes a focal point, and lines everything else to that focal point. The kicker is, one can put the focal point anywhere they like. The same happens in sex classes. Sport sex, paid sex, and no sex can all be a starting point. If sex history is part of the sociology, then good luck. It could be rough.

Beaver said...

Hm... having now written my essay, I feel better equipped to answer your comment.

Basically, it`s based on Foucault's Repressive hypothesis, that the more society prohibits sex, the more it pervades the minds of everyone. Is pretty darn cool, come to think of it. As I said in shiny new post, I'm a try to publish some of my work eventually.