July 14, 2009

The Bookish and the Beautiful

So I’m done with Game of Thrones (unsurprisingly), and am moving on forward to Clash of Kings. Too early for any comments, but in general, I do enjoy the reading quite a bit. A few comments, however.

1. Danearys, three dragons, whut? I actually wouldn’t mind too much (though why three, where one would have been enough to make her ~speshul~?) if there wasn’t that red comet of OMGDRAGONSAREBORN at the start of CoK. Because /really/, that’s a bit too close to sue-age for comfort. I’ll say, though – the bit where Drogo dies is very, very sad. Almost sadder than Ned’s death, though that’s pretty darn hard to beat.
2. I’ve been enjoying Jon Snow’s bits. I’m impressed with him and his friends, and with the presence of Aemon. I think I kind of adore the old Boar.
3. Tyrion. Tyrion keeps on getting better and better. And I love his chemistry with Shae. And I love the way he talks down Cersei. That’s just so totally badass it’s too badass for badassness.
4. Robb the Lord is impressing me – the way GRRM writes him, he manages to help us forget regularly that he’s really only 15. Poor kid, though. Really. Even if it’s not unheard of in the medieval times, it’s still sad that he is being ripped off his teenage years. I know it won’t happen, but I really would love for him to duel with Joff and just kill him dead, or something. It’d feel good.
5. I’m still intrigued by Varys. And by Littlefinger. I want Janos Slynt to hurt a lot.
6. Sansa is ---- going up in my esteem at a rapid pace. The kid has got balls of steel, you gotta give her that. Poor little thing.

I’ve been busy offline, lately. Saturday was epic socializing day, Sunday was epic reading day. Last night I rented Hellboy: the Golden Army. It was in fact quite good – where I expected a B-level movie, I found interesting villains and great photography. A few notes, however.

1. … Liz, really, /twins/ ? They’re not even a couple in the comics. That’s pushing it a bit, here, screenwriters.
2. As someone said in chat last night, yes, the villain (or the antagonist, it`s more appropriate) is at times more sympathetic than the hero. Because seriously, he’s not really evil.
3. The death of the elemental. Saddest. Thing. Ever. Also, Most Beautiful Scene in the movie ever.
4. Now I know to expect a sequel, what with that whole Death Angle scene. Also, go, Nuada, for almost killing Hellboy. That’s totally badass.

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