July 02, 2009

This is SO not funny

I had a good evening last night - lots of fun and apparently got told that my totem is the Lioness. Interesting.

I'm not going to write much - my left wrist, elbow, pinky and ring finger are going numb and I feel pain in my tendons. Typing is painful, and I should be working anyway (which also involves some typing, but never mind).

Hopefully, I'll have a chance to catch up on tags tonight or tomorrow before I go on a two-day long lawnmowing trip to the Land of No Internet. *sigh*

On the other hand, resting my lefties from potential Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (I read the thing, it's terrifying) is probably not a bad thing.

I'll be reading the flist, and trying to tag slowly. *sigh* This is so not what I needed.

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