January 31, 2005

What an exciting life ! Don't you find ?

On Saturday, I made it back home and got ready to go to a play at Club Atlantic, the American Rec Center. It was short, and funny, and lively. The plot, based on the concept of creating a universal language, included lines such as : “Velcro !” (Welcome) and other puns based on similarity of language. It did include some German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, and in that respect, was very “International”. We ended up all going for drinks at a local Jazz club called “Just 4 U” and a few of us even made it to a night club called “La Dolce Vita” (which was horribly expensive and full of prostitutes, irk !).

On Sunday, I joined friends to take part in the Hash, an afternoon activity which consists of running (or walking, in my case), for a few hours in an area of Dakar. It also involves games, a mild amount of drinking, and a dinner at a restaurant afterwards. It was immature, but a lot of fun !

On Monday, I had Dinner at a friend's. It was really nice to get to know her better and to have a quieter evening, although we did have a lot of wine and gin tonic, and I had a considerable headache the next morning…

Yesterday, dead as I was after all these social activities, I went home and ended up grabbing a beer on the way with C.K.(an American, whom I’d met at previous cocktails) and a friend of his. Now that one was totally unplanned, but my colleague dropped me off on the road and I bumped into them as I was making my way to my regular hitchhiking spot, and they stopped me to have a drink with them, which was nice, and not only because it actually got me a lift home. Then I finally arrived home just in time to have dinner offered to me by my housemate.

What an exciting life ! Don't you find ?

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