February 01, 2005

Ba Cissokho

I just came back from a musicalconcert with friends at the CCF, which was absolutely great. The groupwas from Guinea Conakry, another west-African country. It was interesting because it involved a mix of traditional music andinstruments, with modern rhythms and pop instruments (in theoccurrence, it was the base). It was, I’d say, like African Jazz. Butthen again, didn’t jazz originate from this continent ? It took ustime to warm up to the music, but by the time the concert was over wewere on fire ! I can’t help but think that the Africans are such anexuberant people. I mean, in what other place would you have members of the public come up and dance on stage freely during the show ? This evening was a great lesson in the art of partying : it’s all about letting go, letting itall hang out, and the people there certainly taught me that tonight !

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