April 03, 2005

Leaving The Big Apple

I arrived at LGA airport with 2 hours to kill so I registered quickly my luggage and made my way to the restaurant area where I splurged and offered myself a complete American breakfast with French toast, broiled eggs, hash brown and BACON !!!

I wandered around uselessly for 30 some minutes until I remembered that I had a letter to put in the mail. It was also strange to no longer be a visible minority. I fought urges to speak woloff to people, which I replaced with my rudiments of Spanish, when asking directions to a member of the airport staff who had troubles with my English.

With some 45 minutes left to hang out at the airport, I made my way to boarding and hopped aboard my second flight. I was amused to note that members of the Judaic faith were onboard, as I hadn’t met any during the 6 months I spent in Dakar.

I was, needless to say, absolutely dead from the 1st flight, so I saw nothing of the 2nd one and landed in Montreal without having been aware at all that we left the ground.

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