April 03, 2005


I got out the airplane and thought that I was landing in Mirabel Airport, when my flight was scheduled to land at Dorval - P.E. Trudeau Airport. What one may not know about the airports in Montreal is the following : we have 2 airports which have completely different styles, Mirabel and Dorval airports.
Mirabel turned out to be a scandal because people were expropriated, companies were closed and jobs were lost, our taxes were spent on a new and modern airport that is inconveniently remote and that has, by decision of the government, been put out of service some 10 years ago to the benefit of the closer but embarrassingly obsolete Dorval airport.

So you understand my surprise to walk a chrome corridor and enter a wonderful room with modern art hanging from the glass high ceiling. I had very serious doubts as to the location of this room, especially given the fact that I’d fallen asleep during the flight. But indeed I was in Dorval and that proved it self true when I walked one mile to the exit in the temporary corridors of the construction zone.

At the end of my mile long walk my mother and Montreal were waiting, as well as the humid cold weather... but no snow. My new life was about to begin.

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