April 01, 2005

I'd like to thank you all...

This post is dedicated to the people I met during my stay in Dakar. In the hopes to preserve privacy, names will be left out, but hopefully, you all know who you are !

  • thank you for playing father figure and making me feel safe ;
  • thank you for the quiet presence, the soothing innocence, the hyperactivity that made us go out ... all the time !
  • thank you for infecting me with the love of hashing ;
  • thank you for always being cheery, always laughing and making sure everyone felt special ;
  • thank you for teaching me the meaning of freedom and friendship ;
  • thank you for the gift of autonomy ;
  • thank you for showing up, dancing, smiling and just being your clumsy, lovable self ;
  • thank you for the wild partying, the crazy behaviour, the loud jokes and salty humour ;
  • thank you for your warmth, your smile, your love of fun, and being taller than me ! ;
  • thank you for teaching me to be a girl again ;
  • thank you for opening your house and welcoming me in ;
  • thank you for teaching me to appreciate cynicism ;
  • thank you for making me feel special and loved.


Anonymous said...

So which one's D? :)

007 in Africa said...

A-HA! I'm "taller than Marie" one! Sigh. I wish...

Beaver said...

yeah you wish !!! But being tall is no only about physical heigth !