April 03, 2005

Shopping and the movies

On my second day, having an afternoon to kill, I went to the local mall next to my mum’s house. The weather was getting better, with all the rain that Africa misplaced pouring on my head in Montreal. My dear African friends, do not look for the water you’re lacking, it’s presently flooding my hometown. Geez, what went wrong with me and why in the world did I go back ?

To make matters worse, the only shoes I had were my faithfull running shoes, so they officially acquired the title of frozen sponge for the occasion. With feet meeting the Ice-cube club requirement, I entered the first Payless Shoe Source and bought some nice (very stylish) boots that contributed greatly to my reconciliation with Canada, along with new jeans and cargo pants that made me feel like a brand new Canadian !

I also treated myself to the new Pixar opus, "Robots" which is, I must say, an amusing piece to watch. It was funny and entertaining, but mostly talked about the importance of accepting oneself, and a plea against mass consumption which I thought was ironic, given that the movie was played in the temple of commerce and marketing.

I was amazed at the cleanliness of the mall, and very happy to buy a baklava from a Lebanese who was quite happy to hear me say "Shoukran" (Thank you in Arabic but also in Hassannya, the dialect used in Mauritania). Still having some issues with the woloff reflex though, with "Dieuredieuf" (thank you), "Niocobok" (welcome) and "Santa yalla" (Thank God) always at the tip of my tongue, no matter who the recipient may be. As I’m typing this from the comfort of my mum’s house, I’m still cold. It feels wrong.

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