April 24, 2005

Ok, so now what ?

I'm 3 weeks down into my return home. So far, what have I done :

  • I've seen friends (quite a few of them) with great pleasure ;
  • I've got my car back ! Unexpectedly, driving is not really a problem, and I am, once again, the queen of the road !
  • I set up my oath taking date : may 2nd, I will be an attorney ;
  • I moved back into my appartment and started experimenting with couplehood ;
  • I applied to jobs, including the army ;
  • I had lunch with our Seb ;

Now what ?

  • I wait home for a job to happen and keep a nice living as a housewife.
  • I look for work.
  • I go train.
  • I get bored. Friends are no longer used to having me in their lives, so I'm out of the loop.

Anybody got a job for me ? Anywhere but here !!!

Nobody really cares about Senegal or my experience there. So the hectic socialite that I was in Senegal is no more !!! :(

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