March 31, 2006

Bye Bye Liberia!

Defense Ministry

I left Monrovia 2 days ago on the wings of SLOK air.

2 hours of waiting in the stifling heat (there is NO a/c in the airport) and an other stampede later, I was sitting on a plane to Accra.

Next Destination: BENIN! (Or so I thought....)


Dinamita said...

Benin or so you thought??? What does it mean??? What happened???

nyasha said...

suspense.... said...


May I use your posts for my webzine ?

(If not, WHY ?)

thanks gdc

Beaver said...

Dinamita, Coffee Addict,

it is my pleasure to create some suspense ! (For once !!!)

gdc, you may use any content you find here as long as you acknowledge the source. Please acknowledge the Beaver when using her work.


Beav' said...

Guess what ? they never ask you 'Oh, what a nice surprice ! who are you? And ... I visited your webzine, it's really wonderful. Nope. ADD MY LINK they order.
I'll add your pic too, you look like yummy after all. Okay?
And next post has to be a punch into the reader's belly . Beav' being our column in Africa. gdc

Adrianna & Will said...

Ooooh, Libera. How is the lady president doing over there?

Beaver said...

Gdc, I checked out your webzine before I gave you my ok. Just didn't have time to write too much (took me 4ever to load the page).

Thanks for the props though. (You should know that I'm travelling 100% all the time and constantly changing location. You might want to modify the column name to reflect that - otherwise, you'll have to change the header, like, every month.) I sometimes travel out of Africa too - I'll be in Haiti all of April and May.

Thanks though. It's cool to be quoted. :o)

-> by the way, did you know there is another blog by the name of Congo Girl? Stirs some confusion....


Ellen Johnson Surleaf seems to be doing well. There is a lot of hope for her and the Liberians are very optimistic. I am conncerned though that their unfulfilled expectations might lead to more turmoil in the near future. She'll have to thread lightly and make changes fast.


Beav' said...

Thanks, is it all okay now, mistress? _

Socrates, the Greek philosopher, once said -Why should I travel? why should I leave Athens? People all same everywhere.-
But cute Beaver will show us that the Greek chap was wrong. Sharpen your pencil, babie. gdc