March 27, 2006


Once again, I am ready to embark on a new journey.

In fact, a conversation with SFTC has made realize how hectic the weeks to come are going to be. Tonight, I am packing because tomorrow morning I am flying out.

I will be flying on SLOK AIR.

My colleague says it sounds like something nasty in a bucket, which it does.

My cousin, who has been in the flying business says it might stand for Sometimes Lands OK.

Me? I don't care, man. It's getting me where I need to go.

It'll be my 3rd flight with them so I know what to expect: an overbooked flight, a stampede at boarding, bad food and lousy service. What ever. The flight is only one hour anyway.

First, I'm flying to Accra in Ghana. I'll spend tomorrow's night there and then take a flight to Abidjan in Cote-d'Ivoire where I will sit and rot for 10 hours until my flight on Air Ivoire, SLOK's distant cousin,
, also referred to by the locals are : Air Peut-Etre (Air Maybe) to Cotonou, in Benin.

I'll work 11 days in Cotonou and then fly to Paris in France (duh) where I'll be meeting up at last with my only love.

10 days and 2 buckets of tears later, I'll fly out again to Miami where I'll spend an overnight before my flight to Port-au-Prince, in Haiti, where i'll be working 6 weeks before I go home to Montreal, Quebec, Canada for 2 weeks of rest (and then it's back out again - but let's not go there yet).

I calculate that I will pack and unpack another
6 times before I get home 2 months from now. That means I go through this about every 2 weeks.

And even after I get home, I'll have to pack again 2 weeks later.

(Maybe I just just start living in my suitcase.)

Oh boy. I need to get real. I'm way too big.

I'm getting pretty good at this though.
  1. For example, I know to always have a spare change in my hand luggage in case my main stuff gets lots by the morons at the airport company.
  2. I have those cool anti-air bags to make sure I don't lose any space in my luggage.
  3. I know not to unpack too much.
  4. I know exactly what goes where in my suitcase.
Nevertheless, whenever I pack up, I always have the same comment:

"! Good grief, I carry way too much crap ! "

The Beaver

Thanks, Chris in Puebla and Ryan in Madison for posting on my guestmap!

My guest map is wonderful ! And you'd all be wonderful to post, all of you lurk mode readers!
Thanks and may the winds of Fate blow your way !


Red Handed Jill said...

hey beaver, have fun on your travels!

Qalamana said...

Hey girl!
You see? Nothing lasts forever: you're finally leaving Liberia and lots of adventures are waiting ahead!
Oh! I wish I could pack as fast and productively as you...I'm going on holidays in 3 weeks and I bet I'll be busy packing the night before: any good advise?
Cheer-up castorcito ;D
Yo también te echo de menos... Besines!

Saur♥Kraut said...

Well, *I* am very jealous, but "the grass is always greener on the other side" and I'm sure you're often jealous of US, too. It's not always easy to travel as constantly as you do, but what amazing experiences you're having!

Kingston Girl said...

My sister in law spends her life packing and unpacking and hates it so has now managed to get a 3 week trip down to one suitcase... and when she gets home, she unpacks in front of the washing machine.

Good luck with the flights - dodgy airplanes always give you a dinner party story!

And remember, if you want to escape from Haiti, just pop over a small amount of sea - but I advise against taking a trip with the boat people!

nyasha said...

would love to have your life - for sure. love to travel. miss Abidjan back in the 90s.... but do not miss travelling with the local airlines... ah oui, les bons vieux temps!

Cricketina said...

good greif you sound busy!!

Let me know when you're going to be in Miami, perhaps I might be able to drive down and take you out to dinner. Be careful in Hati, though. We were strictly forbidden from going to Hati (particularly the pasty white ones, like me) when we were in the Dominican Republic.

Beaver said...

RHJ, thanks :o) I try very hard!

Qalamana, hmmm lucky you - packing for 3 weeks! My most important advice is to not pack more than you can carry!

Saur, indeed, I often miss home, or plain just being in a western country. I also feel tired of the constant movement. Yet, if I settled down, I'd probably be bored!

K-Girl, boy do they make good dinner stories indeed! Will blog about what happened next soon! Will try to pop into Jamaica in April/May. Let's keep in touch.

Coffee Addict, Abidjan barely moved since the war actually... but more about that later! Thanks for dropping in!

Tina, that's very (VERY) sweet! I'll be in Miami on the 14th of April (I arrive a 1PMish and leave the next morning a 7AM). I'd gladly meet up with you :o)

(By the way, Saur, you're welcome to join!)