March 18, 2006

Happy Birthday Salt Water!!!

Today is the Birth day of my Friend Salt Water!!!

He is a great man with a huge heart, a fan of Mother Nature, and a
hard-working family man.

May the gods of the Road smile on you in your long drives, may you find
your way home, and may the ocean greet you once again!

Much love,

Happy Birthday!

The Beaver

1 comment:

Salt Water said...

Thank you Oh High One for thinking of this Low One on such a beautiful March day. I had the good fortune of driving across US50 in Colorado, that also means Monarch Pass, which is 11,312 feet high. At the top they have a sign that says something like "The Worlds Best View". It stands next to a chair lift that takes the brave hearted up and over to another snow covered peek, even higher up. I wish for you the joy I felt at 0530 when the sun lit the peeks with Golden Sunlight. I was truly on top of the western world. Peace to you Sweet Lady!