March 30, 2005

The next few days.....

aturday was spent recovering from friday.

Sunday we had a brunch with waffles and maple syrup. Attendance was high. It was a lot of fun, and we ended up doing an egg decorating contest which was very amusing. We then moved on to Ngor and took a long and nice walk on the island. My friend was going to Banjul the next day so I said my goodbyes to him on the beach of Ngor. It was a tid bit sad as you imagine.

That night I had dinner at friends' and spent the following day at their house hanging out and watching movies. Nice and relaxing... I needed that !

We then went to Ile de la Madeleine with A&A. We had a lot of fun. Its so beautiful, I cant beleive I didnt go before ! I then had dinner at another friend's and slept over. I had to say my goodbyes today because she is going to Banjul as well.

Soon I will go home and pack, later to will meet up with another friend who is sick and make her dinner. Another occasion to say goodbye I guess.

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